15 August 2013


Dear diary,

Today I'm finally starting this blog making it coincide with the launch of EM by Michelle Phan who has been my inspiration.
Blogging space
Almost 3 years ago I came across my first make up tutorial and since then my life has been altered forever. I had never worn any make up on a daily basis before, only on special occasions but not more than 10 or 15 times a year! Now I can't live without it, not so wearing it but being in contact with the so-called beauty world in Youtube. I watch an average of 5 video tutorials per day but at the beginning I was going through a tutorial frenzy and spent time watching Michelle Phan's and Kandee Johnson's tutorials for hours on end.

In those 3 years I have acquired a basic but well designed make up collection that is still growing, I have even taken a professional make up course and experienced, for the first time in my life, the joy to have a well loved hobby. I'm not a creative person and I haven't had much experience yet, but I hope that the passion and effort I put in this will compensate for any of my short comings.

Now I have acquired the confidence and some knowledge to share with the world and give back a tiny bit of what has been given to me by extraordinary people such as:

Tanya Burr
From Head to Toe
Fleur de Force
Lisa Eldridge
Make up Geek
... among others

and of course, my first loves:
Michelle Phan
Kandee Johnson

That's it for today, hopefully I will get better at blogging and posting some interesting stuff.

For the love of sharing,

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