20 August 2013

Twistband ideas

Dear Diary,

I was so excited to get the Twistband of which I've heard so much talk about in youtube and beauty blogs that I ordered some online for my birthday. It's a hair tie/elastic band that is said to prevent damaging your hair and to not leave any dents. They also come in colorful prints and can be doubled up as bracelets.

image taken from Twistband.com

Of course they weren't that easy to find to be shipped to Spain but I came across a website called Dawanda and found them there for a reasonable price. I got 2 assorted packs of 3 bands each and another pack with 6 bands for 28€, shipping was only 1,5€ that's very cheap compared to other sites that usually charge about 5 to 6€ which I find insane.

I had some trouble ordering and paying for them but that's another story for a later post.

They arrived late, they were supposed to take 1-2 working days but it took them more than a week to arrive so I was already thinking that they had been lost on their way.

Funny is that, exactly the night before they arrived, I had lost all hope of ever getting them and came up with the idea of reusing my old tights as I used to do when I was a little girl. I got to my drawer and got out some tights I hadn't used in ages and cut off the ends, bound them around my wrist to measure the right length and made a cute knot, cut the excess and voilà! super soft hair ties, not so glamorous as the actual Twistbands but they do the job and they didn't cost me a dime.

So now I have a small box full of tight bands or whatever you want to call them and the following morning I got my envelope with my 12 Twistbands. I don't think I will ever again be in need for a hair tie. The thing is I'm not using my Twistbands, I prefer using the softer tight bands when I'm at home and when I go out I usually forget to wear the Twistbands on my wrist for later use so I tend to use my hair claw instead.

I'm not that smitten with the Twistbands as I thought I would be and I don't find them that soft for the hair as they pretend to be so I wouldn't repurchase them even if I ran out of the 30-odd hair ties I have now.

For the love of sharing,

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