2 September 2013

August empties

Dear diary,

I've run out of some products this month and I'd like to share them with the world.

First of all my hair color in number 4.03 radiant brown:

Excellence hair color in 4.03 radiant brown

It comes with the cream color + developer, a conditioner, a pair of gloves and a leave-in serum to protect your hair before applying the product. I like the comb-like applicator, I find it very useful because I'm not very handy at dying my hair and such. The conditioner is more than fine, it leaves my hair very soft and shiny and I get more that 6 applications out of it so I alternate it with my other conditioners and hair masks until it's time to dye my hair again.

The color on me, after leaving it in for 40 minutes, is a tad darker that what it looks like on the box but only for the first week, after that the color fades a bit leaving a rich dark brown with lots of shine. What I love the most about this product is the leave in serum that makes me feel like I'm protecting my fine and sparse hair from the harsh ingredients.

Previously I was using the Sublime mousse also from L´Óreal in 535 Delicious chocolate and I was pretty happy with that one because it´s cheaper and very easy to apply but there was a discount at my local drugstore for the Excellence creme, so I got that one instead just to try it. Now I'm definitely going to repurchase the creme one because the color stays on my greys for much longer.

Next is another must have, an anti-cellutite treatment: Roc Retinol Multi-Correxion body

Roc Retinol Multi-Correxion body

Nothing special to comment on this product, I got it at my mother's (she loves collecting expired stuff: 12/2010) so I suppose it's a miracle I´ve still got healthy skin on my legs and hips, lol. I'm not going to repurchase it because I bought it a couple of years ago (reduced price when buying a pack of two) and didn't like it much then: didn't see any difference at all. I only used it this time because I hate wasting anything. Hate the smell also, but is there really any one out there that doesn't smell bad?

This product I love because it reminds me of summer and it smells really nice: Garnier Delial Ambree Solaire After sun

Garnier Delial Ambree Solaire After sun

It's my after sun lotion with cactus flower extract 250 ml bottle with a pump (love that), it absorbs immediately and is very cooling and hydrating. I've used it for the last 3-4 years and I'm going to repurchase it next summer as I am now using another brand that was given to me for a purchase at Yves Rocher. Can't remember what I paid for it this time but 2 years ago I got it online for only 1€.

Youth Code booster serum by L'Óreal, 30ml:

Youth Code booster serum by L'Óreal

No, I'm not a huge L'Óreal fan, this has been a mere coincidence. They were giving a free Volume Million Lashes Mascara at Look Fantastic when buying two L'Óreal products, so this was one of them, don't remember the second one.

I though I wouldn't like it because it's cheap (compared with the Estée Lauder one I normally use) but I quite liked it. It's more like a water based serum so very light weight and absorbs immediately. It's excellent at summer because I've got very oily skin and don't need to moisturize a lot but need some hydration under my sunscreen and BB cream. The scent is very nice as well and I like the dropper it comes with. As it's so watery you can really get all the product out of the bottle just by tapping it at the bottom.

I think I paid around 22 pounds for it.

Not much to say about the next one, a small 125ml bottle of skin protecting gel with silk chrysalis extract:

ia gel de baño crisálida de seda

It smells really fresh and fruity so I loved it, it´s a dense, white gel and it contains vitamins A, D and E amongst other skin nutrients. It says to soften and hydrate the skin, and it does. It was given me by a customer a long time ago but I was waiting to take it on a holiday as it is a such a small bottle. When I needed more space in my bathroom cupboard I started using it and I loved it. Maybe I will purchase it in a bigger size but for now I'm sticking to my 1000ml shower gel from Deliplus for 1,20€.

This I got at Look Fantastic as well: Redken all soft argan-6.

Redken all soft argan-6

It's my argan oil treatment for my hair ends. I got a sample from another brand with my Glossybox about a year ago and I loved how it moisturized my hair without leaving it oily, yes I've also got very oily hair. I bought it thinking it would be even better as REDKEN is such a renowned brand but I've not liked it at all. My hair doesn't stay as clean and light as it did with the other. So no repurchase for this one.

My final product is a face powder: Trish McEvoy extra brightening loose powder.

Trish McEvoy extra brightening loose powder

It has lasted me for the longest time, maybe because I didn't really liked it. I also bought this on sale, I'm a sucker for sales, discounts, coupons and such. I bought it at Strawberrynet. It came unboxed, hence the cut in price, I paid about 20$ I'm guessing.

I was starting using make up and I was trying different products until I found the perfect one without wanting to spend a lot of money in the process, it seemed a good price because I thought it would be a bit higher end after, guess what? my L'Óreal (again) mineral powder, but it didn't meet my expectations.

The color matched me almost perfectly but it just wasn't enough for my oily skin, instead of helping set my make up it made my skin produce more oil than it normally would, so no repurchase here either.

This was supposed to be a very short post, I definitely have to learn how to edit...

For the love of sharing,

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