19 September 2013

Chocolate heaven

Dear Diary,

A couple of weeks ago a customer gave this to me as a thank you gift for speaking English. I was only doing my job, but hey, it should be illegal to turn down a bar of chocolate, don't you think?

Now I wish I had turned it down... Why? Is it that bad? Chocolate and bad shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence. Au contraire, it's ab.so.lute.ly delicious!

The problem comes here: it's only sold in Norway! I've looked it up online but I've only found an online store in the UK that charges 26€ to ship it to mainland Europe, buahahaha! Now that I'm totally hooked it's almost impossible to get. HELP!

I can't even start to describe how soft the milk chocolate is, how long the taste lingers in your mouth, the wafer you can hardly taste but adds a nice texture and the pinch of salt is just perfection!

Freia Kvikk Lunsj large chocolate bar
The description on the package goes like this:


The Kvikk Lunsj chocolate was developed in 1937 as a snack for outdoor activities. The recipe is a delicious, crispy wafer covered with the original Freia milk chocolate. Since then Kvikk Lunsj has become an integrated part of Norwegian's active lifestyle and is the favorite treat when hiking and skiing in the unique nature of Norway.

FYI, kvikk lunsj means exactly what it sounds like: quick lunch.

Now I only need to make some new friends, if they're Norwegian, the better, LOL.

For the love of sharing, (although I don't think I'll be sharing my Kvikk Lunsj with anyone)

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