9 September 2013

LORAC PRO palette

Dear diary,

A friend of mine is going to visit LA and Las Vegas later this week so of course I had to give her my must haves shopping list for US products.
Lorac Pro palette
image taken from Lorac Cosmetics

I've been dying to get the LORAC PRO palette so many make up gurus rave about and even though I don't own any NAKED palette yet I'd rather have the LORAC one for now. The Urban Decay palettes are easy enough to get here in Spain or on the internet but the LORAC one not so.

I own the Smoked palette and the 15th anniversary one from UD and I love them both but I'd love to have more matte shades. The MAC shadows don't work so well on my lids, they tend to crease a lot so I had to give them away to a friend of mine, hopefully the LORAC will work out fine, if not, I'll make some friend very very happy.

I´ve also seen a good value UD palette sold at Sephora for only 10$: the Deluxe shadow box, I love the  bright colors in this palette, it will be fun to experiment with.

The only other thing I've asked her to bring me is a 217 MAC blending brush, I could buy it here but with the exchange rate it's cheaper to buy in the States and I want to try out this brush because so many people swear by it.

Another friend of mine is going to Chicago and Vegas in a couple of months so I'll have some time to think what to ask her to get me, any ideas?

For the love of sharing,

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