11 October 2013

Hot oil

Dear diary,

I’ve been recently loving this hair treatment. I “bought” it at my mother’s a few months back. She had like three or four packs stacked up in her bathroom drawer so I convinced myself that she wouldn’t miss them, well I first took one to try it out and as it proved to be an excellent product I went back a month later and took another.

I use it once a month or when my hair really needs an extra boost of hydration.
Hot Stuff Hot Oil and Conditioning Treatment
It’s a two-step treatment, first you wash your hair with your regular shampoo, you rinse it well and towel-dry your hair before using step 1. You leave it in for 1 minute, meanwhile you put the step 2 sachet in hot water (I use a mug) and leave it there to warm up for 1 minute. You completely rinse off the conditioner from step 1 and with damp hair, no need to towel-dry this time, you apply the hot oil from the step 2 sachet and leave it in for another minute, then you rinse it off and you dry and style your hair like always.

You can really tell the difference after using this treatment, my hair looks shinier and feels more hydrated and healthy, my stupid flyaways/babyhair (I really have a lot of them, especially around my temples where they tend to curl) are tamed down for some time so I would love to use this every week.

In the past I’ve used some similar hot oil products but they were nothing compared to this one. I’ll definitely find out where to purchase them in the future, but only after my mom runs out of them, lol.

I have extremely difficult hair to work with: hardly have any at all as its sparse, fine, oily and the ends split easily when it gets too long. But well, on the other hand I don't have many greys, yet... I dye my hair every two months or so and I do it myself so I can spend the hairdresser's money on something else.

I tried to get my first selfie especially for this blog, I have no make up on as I've been very ill this past week and this was the first day I ventured out for a walk, my hair looked nice though without having done anything special: I let it air dry and just combed it. I used no styling products at all, only the amazing hot oil treatment.

Can't find a picture of me with a bad hair day, though. I will upload one sooner than you think!

For the love of having a good hair day,

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