17 October 2013


This is what I've been using as a deep cleanser/exfoliator every week over the past year: it's the DermaNew Facial Rejuvenation System:
DermaNew Microdermabrasion system
It contains:
  • Dual action resurfacing tool
  • Crystal microdermabrasion cream 50ml
  • 1 large teardrop foam applicator (for body)
  • 1 small teardrop foam applicator (for face)
  • 1 soft-bristle pore cleansing brush (for face)
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Tool cap stand
Ingredients of the microdermabrasion cream:
  • mineral crystals
  • green tea (antioxidant)
  • Bacopa monniera (anti-inflammatory)
  • grapeseed extract (neutralises free radicals)
  • oat extract (soothing and nourishing)
It says to:
  • achieve smooth, even-toned, healthy-looking skin
  • polish and refine skin
  • diminish wrinkles, fine lines and pore size
  • decrease visible signs of aging and sun damage
  • reveal healthy new skin with a radiant glow
I really like to use the brush applicator once a week to thoroughly clean my face and remove any dirt and bacteria that is accumulating on my skin. I just remove all my make up first and then I put a bit of my usual cleanser on the brush, I dot it onto my skin and press the start button. I brush my whole face and neck area with a circular motion until the timer runs out (it stops by itself after 2 minutes).

Every other week I use the foam applicator with the microdermabrasion cream. It says you can use it 2-3 times per week but I don't like putting my skin under so much stress, I don't know it doesn't seem very natural to exfoliate that thoroughly so often.

I normally use the brush applicator on the lower speed and the exfoliator on the higher speed but that's the way I feel comfortable using it. The lower speed is intended for more sensitive skin types. I also avoid using it in the shower even though it says it's water-resistant and can be used safely.

I bought this on recommendation of Kandee Johnson and also because it's much cheaper than the renowned Clarisonic cleansing system.

I got it from: Dermacaredirect where it only costs 49.99£ whereas at a Spanish website it costs 84€, trust me, it's a huge difference.

To clean the sponge and brush applicators I use an anti-bacterial soap that I have for cleaning my make up brushes and sponges.

About the promises they make: I've noticed some improvement in the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, not so much in pore-size, they still appear humongous to me. It hasn't improved any sun damage: I have 4 large dark spots from taking contraception pills and sunbathing, but I don't think there's a way to get rid of them unless I get them surgically removed and commit to staying out of the sunlight until my dying day: so no thanks!

It certainly polishes and smoothes out the skin leaving a very clean, healthy and radiant looking skin.

To summarize: it only fails in one category, so for me that is quite an achievement.

Sorry I can't compare it to the Clarisonic but I have never tried it and I don't think I'll have it in me to spend three times the price of the DermaNew.

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