25 October 2013

Nighttime skin care routine

Dear diary,

I usually take a shower before going to bed but before that I take most of my make up off.

With the help of a maxi cotton pad I remove my make up with a cleansing milk + toner or a two-in-one product, I like to switch products now and again so I use whatever I have at hand at the moment. When I'm really lazy or tired I take a cleansing wipe but a pack of 20 facial wipes can last me half a year or even more. I prefer not using them on a regular basis as they aren't that good for your skin.

As for the eye make up I have a special eye make up remover but when I haven't put on a real heavy eye make up look I can skip this step altogether, which is the case most days.

Once a week I use my Dermanew microdermabrasion system, I wrote a full post on this subject not so long ago. This is part of my deep cleansing routine.

While in the shower I use a baby shampoo to remove any left over mascara and eye make up, then I take a bit of facial wash for the rest of my face. I like using a facial foaming net I bought while in Tokyo earlier this year, it helps building up a lot of foam so the product can really work in your pores and cleanse them more thoroughly. You also prevent rubbing your skin with your hands, this is really a bad idea according to skin experts. The foam gets so thick that when you apply it on your face your fingers don't directly touch your skin.

I never use a towel to dry my face, instead I have a box of paper tissues in my bathroom so I pat-dry my face with those, it's more hygienic and soft for your skin.

As for moisturizing I start with a serum that I apply over my whole face and neck area, even on my eyelids, this time I use an eye cream on the entire eye area, lids included, as opposed to my morning skin care routine, and lastly a firming night cream.

A list of the products I'm currently using:

- Clarins One-step facial cleanser with orange extract
- MAC pro eye makeup remover
- L'Óreal micellar water
- Johnson's and Johnson's baby shampoo
- Clinique rince-off foaming cleanser
- Clarins Double-serum complete age control concentrate
- Mary Kay Timewise repair volu-firm eye renewal cream
- Mary Kay Timewise repair volu-firm night treatment with retinol

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