6 October 2013

Out of order

Dear diary,

I've been catching up on some TV series this week and haven't really given much thought about my blog anymore. Even my youtube make up gurus have been put on hold.

I was hooked on Scandal but they stopped broadcasting it for no reason mid-season 2. So I was trying to find where it went thinking they had only changed the day, but no, no Scandal anymore... stupid network: instead they started broadcasting a reality show: who wants to marry my son, well if you're already implying that you want to get rid of your son I won't be silly enough to fall for that, don't you think?
Scandal TV show
Looking for any information about Scandal I stumbled across a web site for watching TV shows, movies and such with streaming video.

After watching all Scandal episodes I followed with: Downton Abbey, Awkward, The Big Bang Theory, Castle, How I met your mother and Cougar Town.

I'm spending hours on my computer watching all these series, when I get bored from watching too many episodes from one of them I simply switch to another, and so on.

So there's nothing really exciting going on in my life this week, hopefully the novelty will wear off in a couple of weeks, or not, and I'll go back to having a normal life, that is spending all the time watching youtube vids instead of TV shows, lol.

See you soon,

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