26 November 2013

Black Friday

Dear diary,

I'm trying to "celebrate" my own Black Friday but it's a tad more difficult when you're not living in the States.

I've been preparing for this coming friday for weeks now, browsing online stores and looking for information about the possible online offers.

As I live in Spain and we don't celebrate Thanksgiving over here I've been trying to find out which stores have special discounts prepared for the following day. Unfortunately the two conditions I need to be able to purchase online bargains never seem to meet: either they only sell to US addresses or they don't offer any special discount.

As for make up bargains or must have/splurge items I'd like to gift myself for X-Mas:

I have a friend who is in London right now only I found out late and she'll be coming home tomorrow. I managed to ask her to get me the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette but I don't know if she's had the time. I know I can get it shipped to Spain but they charge 15 pounds, so I'll wait for her to get back before purchasing it online as this really is a big splurge for me.

Another friend of mine is going to New York for a few days next week so I've been browsing Sephora, Ulta and other similar stores like crazy. I've been also getting a lot of information about the products from my trusted Youtube make up guru-friends, this vlog I'm particularly thankful for:


I'm really torn between the Tarte of giving collector's set and travel bag and the Ocho Loco 2 eye pencils from Urban Decay both of them sold at 59$ at Sephora.

As for online purchases that are shipped to Spain I'm thinking of getting the Elizabeth Arden red hot croc color collection for either 50 or 300 pounds, depending where you buy it from, mmmm difficult choice, don't you think?

I'm sorry I'm not posting any pictures but I don't own any of these products and the quality of the pictures from the online stores is really awful. I will leave you the links instead:

Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette:

The Tarte of giving collector's set and travel bag:

Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2:

Elizabeth Arden red hot croc color collection:

For the love of gifting,

22 November 2013

Miracle hair care

Dear diary,

I've been wanting to write a post about this miracle hair care treatment since I got it.

The best part is that I didn't have to purchase any of these products, I got them all for free. Ok, they are sort of sample size bottles but even so, it was an excellent deal and I have to thank Casey Holmes of Caseyholmesbeauty for recommending the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque on one of her vlogs.

Short after I had watched Casey's vlog I started looking for an online store where I could get the masque when bam! I got a newsletter email from Look Fantastic where they were advertising a great gift set for any purchase over 40 pounds: the Macadamia Natural Oil Luxe travel kit.
Macadamia Natural Oil  Luxe Travel kit
OMG what a coincidence! So I run to their web site and quickly ordered a couple of things I had in mind purchasing anyway: the DUO eyelash glue, the Seche Vite Top Coat, the Real Techniques travel essential kit and some random shampoo. So I only spent 45.59 pounds and they sent me:

- Healing Oil Treatment 30ml
- Rejuvenating shampoo 100ml
- Deep Repair Masque 100ml
- Moisture Rinse 60ml
- Nourishing Leave-In Cream 60ml
- Healing Oil infused comb
It all comes in a travel pouch with a product brochure and it's valued at 50 pound.

I have been using these products for over a month now and I have been loving each and everyone of them.

The comb comes in very handy for detangling wet hair without breaking it. The rest of the products are awesome on its own or used together for an even better result. My hair feels really soft and extra shiny, it also feels lighter and cleaner, I have never felt anything like this with other hair care products. All the frizziness I had in my hair has magically disappeared since I've been using this hair care treatment.

Even the nourishing leave-in cream is amazing, I usually doubt this type of product as they tend to weigh my hair down, but not this one. The healing oil is also much better than the argan oil I was using from Redken, so I am definitely hooked on Macadamia products until I find something better, which I doubt.

For the love of sharing,

18 November 2013

Sweater weather

Dear diary,

I am sooooo excited to tell you guys that I've found some gorgeous sweaters at the market this morning, especially because I just posted an entry last week about how difficult it is for me to find cosy, warm winter sweaters which won't itch on me.

So this morning I had to go to the farmer's market to get some spices to prepare the Chai latte tea I was talking about in an earlier post. I'm having some days off from work just to relax and do almost nothing as the rest of my vacation days I've spent on traveling.

As I haven't found any nice sweaters online, and believe me, I've been searching like crazy, computer headaches included from the many hours browsing and selecting, I thought I could have a look at the weekly market here in town.

I've been extremely lucky this morning and have found not one, not even two but four sweaters for 10€ each, yay! Two of them are to wear in between seasons with long sleeves, round neck, loose and made from a very soft and thin cotton, one in burgundy and the other one in taupe. The other two are warmer and will really be nice for those cold winter days, they are made from a very soft, fluffy material, are more fitted and have a V neck, one in an electric medium blue and the other in a greyish beige color. I've also purchased a plain burgundy scarf and something I've been wanting to have since this summer: a chevron print dress. Yay!

As I spent so little I gave myself a little present and purchased a very cute bag for my new acquisition: my macbook pro 13" laptop computer.

Total spent: 60,75€

For the love of sharing,

13 November 2013

2014 Blogger Challenge

Dear diary,

Gaby from AnotherGirlyBlg has come up with a wonderful idea for all kinds of bloggers: the #2014BloggerChallenge.

The participants will get some topics to write about twice a month, so even though my blog posts are mostly beauty related I am very much liking the idea about having to write about something completely different.

I am not the greatest writer and I have known this since forever but I started this blog as a means to improve my English and maybe get lucky by getting to know more beauty obsessed people like.

If someone is reading this blog and wants to join in the fun please visit: Anothergirlyblg for further instructions.

I want to thank my first made blogger friend Zoe Archer for posting the info for this event.

For the love of sharing,

10 November 2013


Querido diario,

Llegan esos días en los que has de ir disfrazada para no pasar ni demasiado frio ni asarte de calor.

Este año al paracer los dias de frío se estan haciendo de rogar y por mí estupendo. No me gusta nada el invierno por el simple hecho de que me cuesta encontrar ropa de abrigo con la que me encuentre cómoda. No soporto la lana ni los tejidos acrílicos por lo que comprar jerseys de invierno me resulta bastante complicado.

Cuando voy de tiendas y veo algún jersey que me guste me tengo que parar para rebuscar por dentro hasta encontrar la dichosa etiqueta que me confirme que la composición es 100% algodón y comprar en internet resulta igual de complicado. Lo normal es encontrar jerseys de algodón horribles o que los que me gusten sean de lana o alguna mezcla de acrílico.

Creo que tengo jerseys en el armario que tendrán mas de 10 años y no los puedo renovar por lo complicado de encontrarles sustituto. Menos mal que el verano está ya a la vuelta de la esquina ( quien no se consuela es porque no quiere).

Todo esto porque acabo de ver un video de la encantadora y siempre feliz Tanya Burr en el que muestra sus compras de otoño-invierno y enseña un jersey monísimo con motivos navideños y si hay algo que me guste del invierno es todo lo relativo a la navidad: decoración, villancicos, dulces, pasar más tiempo con tus seres queridos y sonreír más a menudo. Corriendo me he metido en Asos para mirar jerseys similares al de Tanya pero al ver la composición me ha cambiado la cara: acrílico bua bua bua.

De momento me tendré que conformar con mi calendario de adviento de Cadbury y mis velas con olor a manzana y canela...

Empezando la cuenta atrás para las navidades,

6 November 2013

New tea discovery

Dear diary,

You know how much I love tea: I make ice tea with lemon juice in the summer and lots and lots of hot tea during winter.

Last winter I alternated between the classic Earl Grey, the recently discovered very fragrant and strong lapsang souchong and the lighter and flowery scented alternative: the lychee-jasmine tea.

As they found a polyp on my right vocal cord and while I'm awaiting the subsequent operation I was recommended not to drink any too hot beverages. I didn't think I could give them up but apparently I'm more strong willed than I thought to be: I patiently wait a few minutes until my tea is lukewarm before I take a sip and enjoy it just the same as before. I was also told to take thyme infusions, so I did, and they are really not as bad as they sounded. I found a local supermarket that sells a mix of thyme, rosemary, eucalyptus and mint, it tastes really nice even without sugar.

At work I take the thyme infusions to soothe my throat and prevent my voice from cracking down, I always keep some cookies in my desk drawer and nibble on them while I type response emails to my customers/taxpayers.

When at home, I don't care that much about my voice so I take regular tea, normally after dinner and sometimes later in the evening. In the weekends I take a huge cup with breakfast and then some more during the day.

It's not that I don't drink enough water because I do, I take up to 9 big glasses of water while at work and maybe two or three more glasses at home. In the past I hardly drank any water at all but when I started working at a pharmacy I learned the importance of drinking enough water. What really convinced me was the fact that water is food for the skin and since I'm so obsessed with skincare it really convinced me to drink more.

I think the meaning of this post is to say that you can make changes in your routine that may appear a big deal but afterwards upon looking back they don't seem to have cost you that much. You only need to take it step by step and try not to make too many changes at the same time. You need to learn how to crawl before you can walk, or something like that.

Next on the list is cutting down on salt, boo hoo hoo, I really don't think I can manage that!

The real reason for this post is to talk about my recent tea discovery: the Chai latte
Chai Latte
I tried it last year for the first time and I loved it, but never thought about it again until last weekend my good friend Tania invited us for a barbecue at her place and offered us a cup of chai latte after supper. In one word: heavenly!

She mixes Twinings Chai Tea bags with a cinnamon stick, two pieces of star anise, two pieces of cardamom and some brown sugar. She lets this steep for 5 minutes or so and serves 2 big cups or 3 smaller ones. You can really modify this recipe to your own taste, also by adding more spices, for example: cloves, nutmeg, black pepper, fennel. It is also said to be served with honey instead of sugar but I particularly don't like putting honey in my tea as I need half a bottle to taste any sweetness. I know I said I don't sugar my tea but in this case it's just as important as the other ingredients. Imagine yourself asking for a Moroccan mint tea without the mountains of sugar they serve it with! You would get flogged for sure...

When looking for more information about the chai tea I especially liked this post: Simplyrecipes.com/recipes/chai/

I also read some articles about the benefits of the chai latte, I've listed only a few:

- Black tea: rich in antioxidants, prevents cardiovascular diseases and protects good cholesterol
- Cinnamon: balances blood sugar and has digestive properties
- Cardamom: supports immune system, helps detoxify the body and improves circulation
- Cloves: pain reliever, antiseptic and antibacterial
- Black pepper: supports metabolism and circulation, alleviates chronic coldness
- Nutmeg: helps with digestion, eases sciatica and treats kidney and lymph problems
- Star anise: is a good cough remedy and can also be used as a breath freshener
- Ginger: stimulant for the circulatory and the immune systems
- Fennel: treats kidney and ocular problems as well as laryngitis

Thanks to Tania for introducing me to a world of anti-ageing benefits,

2 November 2013

October empties

Dear diary,

I've been busy and lazy this week so it's high time for a new post.

It's time again for my monthly empties:
Helena Rubinstein Golden Beauty after sun
This is a face after sun cream that I like using when I've spent too many hours sunbathing so it has lasted me a long time. I normally only go for 2 two hours on the weekends but when I'm on vacation or are really having a great time at the beach I like giving my face a special moisturizing and calming treatment, even though I always put on a 50+ sunscreen and reapply every 2 hours. I think it cost me about 20€ but I have not repurchased it as I like trying out different brands. It was alright though, it has a thick consistency and is very moisturizing, about the calming properties I cannot say as I haven't burnt my face in a really, really long time...
Pureology Antifade Superstraight hair serum
This is a sort of silicone based heat and color protecting serum for the hair. I've had it for the longest time, I have had a love-hate relationship with it and just when I was beginning to really like it it died on me. But I'm happy again as I'm loving my Macadamia Natural oil luxe travel kit I got for free when making a purchase at Look Fantastic.
Make up remover wipes by Deliplus
I finished my cleansing face wipes as I only had a few left and I don't like to leave them dry out. They come in handy when I'm really tired but don't use them very often. They aren't special, just a cheap supermarket brand. I don't need to repurchase them as I got a pack of Uriage micellar thermal water wipes for free when I bought a one-year subscription to ELLE magazine.
NIVEA Dry comfort deodorant
My favourite deodorant to prevent BO: it only costs 2€ and is very gentle on the skin, it doesn't leave any ugly marks on my clothes, and most important I like the scent.
Mary Kay Timewise 3-in-1 cleansing gel
My face wash: the 3-in-1 cleanser that says to cleanse, softly exfoliate and refresh the skin. It's a very gently cleanser even though it contains a few exfoliating granules, I use this on a daily basis, normally in the morning, I have a different one for my evening skin care routine. It cost me about 25€ if I'm not mistaken but it has lasted me over a year, you only need the smallest amount. I'm trying out a different brand now but I'll definitely repurchase it in the future.
Vasenol aloe fresh body lotion
And my last product is a body lotion I use at night time, it's not sticky, which I hate and is quickly absorbed by the skin, it leaves a faint fresh grassy-like scent. I've already repurchased it and has cost me  2,59€ for a 400 ml bottle.

For the love of sharing,