2 November 2013

October empties

Dear diary,

I've been busy and lazy this week so it's high time for a new post.

It's time again for my monthly empties:
Helena Rubinstein Golden Beauty after sun
This is a face after sun cream that I like using when I've spent too many hours sunbathing so it has lasted me a long time. I normally only go for 2 two hours on the weekends but when I'm on vacation or are really having a great time at the beach I like giving my face a special moisturizing and calming treatment, even though I always put on a 50+ sunscreen and reapply every 2 hours. I think it cost me about 20€ but I have not repurchased it as I like trying out different brands. It was alright though, it has a thick consistency and is very moisturizing, about the calming properties I cannot say as I haven't burnt my face in a really, really long time...
Pureology Antifade Superstraight hair serum
This is a sort of silicone based heat and color protecting serum for the hair. I've had it for the longest time, I have had a love-hate relationship with it and just when I was beginning to really like it it died on me. But I'm happy again as I'm loving my Macadamia Natural oil luxe travel kit I got for free when making a purchase at Look Fantastic.
Make up remover wipes by Deliplus
I finished my cleansing face wipes as I only had a few left and I don't like to leave them dry out. They come in handy when I'm really tired but don't use them very often. They aren't special, just a cheap supermarket brand. I don't need to repurchase them as I got a pack of Uriage micellar thermal water wipes for free when I bought a one-year subscription to ELLE magazine.
NIVEA Dry comfort deodorant
My favourite deodorant to prevent BO: it only costs 2€ and is very gentle on the skin, it doesn't leave any ugly marks on my clothes, and most important I like the scent.
Mary Kay Timewise 3-in-1 cleansing gel
My face wash: the 3-in-1 cleanser that says to cleanse, softly exfoliate and refresh the skin. It's a very gently cleanser even though it contains a few exfoliating granules, I use this on a daily basis, normally in the morning, I have a different one for my evening skin care routine. It cost me about 25€ if I'm not mistaken but it has lasted me over a year, you only need the smallest amount. I'm trying out a different brand now but I'll definitely repurchase it in the future.
Vasenol aloe fresh body lotion
And my last product is a body lotion I use at night time, it's not sticky, which I hate and is quickly absorbed by the skin, it leaves a faint fresh grassy-like scent. I've already repurchased it and has cost me  2,59€ for a 400 ml bottle.

For the love of sharing,

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