18 November 2013

Sweater weather

Dear diary,

I am sooooo excited to tell you guys that I've found some gorgeous sweaters at the market this morning, especially because I just posted an entry last week about how difficult it is for me to find cosy, warm winter sweaters which won't itch on me.

So this morning I had to go to the farmer's market to get some spices to prepare the Chai latte tea I was talking about in an earlier post. I'm having some days off from work just to relax and do almost nothing as the rest of my vacation days I've spent on traveling.

As I haven't found any nice sweaters online, and believe me, I've been searching like crazy, computer headaches included from the many hours browsing and selecting, I thought I could have a look at the weekly market here in town.

I've been extremely lucky this morning and have found not one, not even two but four sweaters for 10€ each, yay! Two of them are to wear in between seasons with long sleeves, round neck, loose and made from a very soft and thin cotton, one in burgundy and the other one in taupe. The other two are warmer and will really be nice for those cold winter days, they are made from a very soft, fluffy material, are more fitted and have a V neck, one in an electric medium blue and the other in a greyish beige color. I've also purchased a plain burgundy scarf and something I've been wanting to have since this summer: a chevron print dress. Yay!

As I spent so little I gave myself a little present and purchased a very cute bag for my new acquisition: my macbook pro 13" laptop computer.

Total spent: 60,75€

For the love of sharing,

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