27 December 2013

After Christmas mellow

Dear diary,

Sadly Christmas is over and we only have New Year to look forward to. But I'm still in celebration mode: I've taken a couple of days off from work and I've packed my bags for a one-day trip, just to relax and take a break from the holiday frenzy.

We had some Paradores points to cash in before the end of the year so we decided for one Parador/Hotel nearby. But on the way over we stopped at a big shopping centre as I had to go to Primark and buy me some pajamas. Tanya Burr mentioned Primark in one of her Vlogmas and said they had the cutest pajamas. As we don't have a store nearby I've never been to a Primark before today, this is what I got (among other things, of course, lol):

Pijama selfie

Before going to sleep I'm taking a bath using my last Twilight bath bomb from LUSH and some Yankee Candles:

Lush bath bomb & Yankee candles

But before that I'm anxious to try out the Glamglow Supermud I got at http://www.feelunique.com:

Glamglow Supermud and Youthmud set
We are also going to have a nice dinner at the hotel restaurant, I'll try to remember to take some pictures as I tend to forget to photograph food, I get sidetracked by how yammy and delicious it all seems and only remember my camera when my plate is completely empty.

For the love of food,

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