1 December 2013

November empties

Dear diary,

December is finally here, I'm so excited for Christmas this year that I've already started decorating the living room and putting up the tree and the nativity? Sorry I don't know the word for "Belén". The rest of the house I leave as a Christmas-free zone, one because I don't own that many Christmas decorations and two because I feel it would be a bit too much for spanish standards.

This year I'm particularly fond of candles, mainly because all my youtube make up gurus swear by them and have them all year round. I find that Christmas is the perfect time of year to go nuts and have a lot of candles with lingering scents all around the house.

Well, I'm getting a bit off topic with this intro, I only wanted to share the products I've used up this last month.

My first dry shampoo ever:
Schwarzkopf Gliss dry shampoo
A 200ml spray bottle with a nice fresh scent. I bought it at my local drugstore Druni at just below 5€. It worked fine but I had nothing to compare it to so I recently got the Batiste one and can say that the latter is much much better that the Schwarzkopf one. As for the price difference there isn't any so I'm continuing with the Batiste even though it comes in a 150ml bottle as I feel I don't need to spray that much product to get better and more lasting results. I have very oily and thinning hair and had to wash it every other day, which is very bad for your hair as it strips it from it's protecting oils, so now I can go for 3 or even 4 days without washing my hair without it looking greasy and gross.

Next is nothing beauty related, well I suppose in a way it is that's why I've listed it here:
Listerine Zero mouth wash
My daily mouth wash, this was a sample I got at the dentist when I finally finished wearing braces. It's very soft, containing no alcohol, but still leaves a very fresh and clean breath.

Mary Kay TimeWise Repair with volu-firm skin care treatment:
Mary Kay Timewise repair day & night cream
It comes with an eye cream, which I'm still using, and a serum. The serum only lasted me a couple of months and was empty before I started blogging so I didn't keep the bottle to post a picture.

I bought it with a discount around Mother's day, I think it retails for 200€ and I got it for 120€. Even with the discount it was a pricy product but taking into account that you get 4 full size products I felt it wasn't so bad. The day and night cream come in 48gr and I loved the packaging, it has a sort of pumping device: when you open the lid you don't see any cream at all, what you have is a plastic lid with a pump on one side and the cream comes up the other side when you press the pump down. It's a very clever way as to keep the product from getting any germs and bacteria.

I liked that the day cream has a SPF 30 but the downside was that it had a very sunscreen-like scent, which I really hate.

As for the product itself, I haven't seen any improvement in the way of a more firm or tight skin, it's a bit too dense and thick for my taste as I have oily skin, didn't like the scent either so I won't be purchasing it again.

My favourite drugstore mascara to date:
Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express mascara
The Falsies from Maybelline is highly recommended by Tanya Burr http://www.tanyaburr.co.uk so I purchased two: one for me to try and another as a present for a friend of mine. I got them for 9€ at https://www.perfumesclub.com/es/

I love that it holds my curl perfectly for hours and hours, it doesn't leave my lashes clumpy at all, I really hate it when mascaras do that, and it has never smudged on me, something a lot of other mascaras I've used always did.

MAC PRO Eye make up remover:
MAC PRO eye make up remover
Sorry for all the MAC lovers out there but this is a never ever again product for me, it stung my eyes like crazy, it left them all read and irritated.

The Nude Magique BB cream from L'Óreal:
L'Óreal Nude Magique BB cream
I didn't like it at first as it's light coverage but I've been using it almost daily this last month and I'm really loving it now that it's empty ha ha ha. I'll probably purchase it again in the future but I want to use my other foundations and BB creams, first. Even though I hate to have a shiny face this product leaves a beautiful glow, so no shine, glow is the key here. It has a scary color at first, it's a sort of taupe-grey, but when it blends into the skin it leaves a very natural and healthy looking finish. The only thing I didn't like from the beginning is the low SPF, I think it's 15 or 20, it doesn't say on the bottle: another thing I hate. Oh, and it's 30ml for just below 10€.

And last:
Dettol antibacterial hand wash
No, I'm not showing you my hand wash, I use this to clean my brushes and make up sponges. It's antibacterial and has a very nice flowery fresh scent, it says it gets rid of 99.9% of all bacteria, is antiseptic and contains aloe vera and milk proteins to soften the skin, in this case, the brushes.

I will talk about my brush cleaning routine in my next post.

For the love of sharing,

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