15 January 2014

Empty tube, or not?

Dear diary,

With any new product I always go through 3 different stages:
  1. As I tend to spend too much on cosmetics and make up I start by using very little product so it will last me a very long time.
  2. Halfway down the product I'm so eager to finish it and try a new one that I start applying too much of it.
  3. With 3/4 left or so I'm becoming more conservative again, also because I've bought a replacement (repurchase or not) and am again aware of the huge cost of the product.
I prefer purchasing pots over any other container but I'm aware that this is not the most hygienic one. I like pumps the least, they are very convenient and hygienic but it's difficult to get all, and I mean really ALL the product out. I don't like wasting even a pea-size amount of product, even if I haven't liked the product itself so much. I make myself finish off what I have bought and to not throw away and waste anything. It's a sort of self-inflicted punishment for making a mistake. Only with cheap drugstore products I haven't liked I leave myself unpunished and give the product away to a friend.

As for tubes, here is how I get all the product out:
Mary Kay Timewise repair eye cream
First I make sure no more product is coming out by squeezing (I squeeze really hard, lol). Then I cut off near the top, but not so close to it that I can't use it as a cap. I first finish the product left-over in the cap and then I move my way into the tube, I go in layers: first closer to the edge and work my way in. If needed I'll cut off an empty strip of the tube and still use the cap to cover and close the tube as best as I can to prevent the product from drying out.

Anyone does the same?

For the love of sharing,


  1. I should really start doing this because I also feel that I leave a lot of product behind when I throw away a tube. :/ I guess I'll be taking your advice on this one! :D


    1. I've been using it for more than two weeks since I cut it open and there is still a fair amount left. ;)


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