3 January 2014

New Year's inspiration

Dear diary,

Last year I finally made one of my biggest dreams come true: A trip to Tokyo.

I first planned to go in June or September but after looking at different dates I settled on the Easter holidays as it coincided with the Sakura (Cherry tree) blossoming season. I'd never heard about this being such a big thing among the Japanese and it would never have occurred to me to plan a trip just to watch some random flowers but my husband was very keen on this. He had had a Japanese girlfriend some time before we met and she had told him all about this traditional custom called Hanami (flower viewing: where flower mostly refers to cherry blossoms).
And you may ask what this has to do with my New Year's inspiration. After our trip I have to say that what inspires me most is not so the beauty of these magnificent trees and flowers, but the gathering of thousands of people whose only desire is to enjoy a day in the park sitting below the blossoming cherry trees sharing the company of friends and loved ones and leaving all troubles aside just to be in close touch with Mother Nature.

Hanami is inspiring me to be a better person in 2014, making me wish for a perfect world in which every day Nature is celebrated and worshipped.
And if this wish of mine fails I can always go back to any park in Japan, or even to: Taiwan, Korea, The Philippines, China or within the USA: Washington DC, Macon (Georgia) or Brooklyn (New York), where smaller hanami celebrations take place.

Happy Hanami 2014
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  1. spring is the best time to visit japan, it's lovely isnt it??! <3

    1. Indeed it is, although I would go back any time. I really miss the food.


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