28 January 2014

No shampoo challenge - 1st week

Dear diary,

Thanks to Gaby's #2014BloggerChallenge I came upon a blog post from a fellow participant that wrote about how using shampoo isn't really necessary, it's actually damaging for your hair as it strips it off of its natural oils.
I'm really sorry but I can't remember the blogger's name or her blog site to leave you a link. Basically, she talked about having spent an entire week without using shampoo or other hair products to get her hair naturally cleansed and back to its normal state.

I've always been battling with my hair as it is sparse, fine and really oily. I also suffer from hair loss so I take supplements two or three times a year when I feel my hair is in pretty bad shape. I used to wash it every day when I was younger as I worked at a pub and my hair would smell of tobacco. When I switched jobs I washed my hair every other day until I found out about dry shampoo. Even using it in between washes I haven't been able to last more than 3 days without having to wash my hair, 4 when I'm staying in.

As I'm dreading turning into my mother (pretty bald) I first started purchasing "better" hair care products, but I feel this is still not good enough. I'm willing to make an effort and try to outlast 12 weeks using no shampoo.

So my first week has gone like this:

Day 1: perfect fluffy hair
Day 2: still good, a bit oily but not too bad
Day 3: very oily: dry shampoo needed + pony tail + water rinse at the end of the day
Day 4: coarse and a bit oily: no dry shampoo + pony tail
Day 5: very oily: dry shampoo + pony tail
Day 6: oily: pony tail, I noticed my hair wasn't as oily as day 3
Day 7: I stayed in and dyed my hair in the evening
Day 8: perfect fluffy hair
Day 9: still good

Tomorrow will be day 10, I don't now if I'm going to wash my hair this evening or wait until tomorrow morning. I will write an update in 10 days' time.

Looking for more information I found out that I could use baking soda and apple cider vinegar as a shampoo and conditioner alternative. I still have to find the perfect combination as I've read this method is better not to be used in excess either. I also think I have to ditch the dry shampoo as nobody has mentioned using this and I'm thinking this must be equally bad for my hair as well.

I'm not sure if dying my hair is cheating the no shampoo rule but I really can't skip this step anymore as I have acquired a lot of shiny silver strands during the past few years. They really aren't that many but they seem to congregate for a party on the top of my head just where my hair naturally parts: pretty annoying and difficult to hide. Why can't they go to the back of my neck or don't come at all? Who invited them? Ok, I'm 41 now so I have to assume my age and deal with the fact that I'm getting old.

For the love of big, fluffy and bouncy hair,


  1. This is really interesting! I'm also part of the 2014 blogger challenge and am loving getting some great tips! xx


    1. OMG, that was really quick. Thanks for commenting Sophie, your bunny is sooooo cute!

  2. Interesting, I read somewhere the longer you leave it between washes your hair adapts and doesn't need to be washed as much. Good luck with your trial!

  3. Thanks for sharing your journey so far with the no-poo challenge. I'm also a blogger in the #2014BloggerChallenge. I usually go a week sometimes two without washing my hair, but I do use moisturisers and such in between washes. This week though I've washed my hair but I haven't put anything in my hair and they feel on the verge of becoming like crackers - squeeze them hard enough and they'll crumb up - okay maybe I'm over exaggerating but ugh, maybe I'll leave them for a week longer to see how they turn out?

    Anyways, bye and love your blog!


    1. I've noticed an improvement into the second week, my hair seems to get less oily but I'm not sure it is because it's already getting used to not producing oils or because I dyed my hair on sunday... Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. It really makes my day. See u around!


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