8 January 2014

Yankee Candle sale haul

Dear diary,

Very recently I've become obsessed with scented candles, especially Yankee Candle and Bath and Body works, unfortunately they are hard to get over here.  I found a store in my home town that sells the Yankee candles but I find them very expensive. The large jar retails for 30€ so I thought of waiting and buy me one in the sales. As I'm not familiar with these candles and their scents I purchased two sample size candles: one in Vanilla Chai and the other in Apple and Pine Needle at 3€ a piece.

Here in Spain the sales start after the 3 Kings/Wise men festivity (January 6th) and that's when Christmas really ends, so I started browsing the web in search of a sale in candles and I found a few but I selected the one with the lowest delivery cost: Yankee.co.uk and this is what I got delivered today, I was so excited:
Gingerbread Train wax burner & Yankee Candle Apple and Pine needle
Gingerbread Train Wax Burner (15,89 pounds) + Cranberry ice Wax Tart (94 pence). The Apple and Pine Needle small jar I thought I had deleted from my order but it came in the box and strangely enough hasn't been charged on my invoice, it retails at 6,29 pounds so not a bad deal.
Ginger kids jar hugger, Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick, Red Apple Wreath & Sugared Apple
3 Large jars for 14,99 pounds each: Cinnamon Stick, Sugared Apple and Red Apple Wreath also a Ginger Kids Jar Hugger for 11,24 pounds.
Yankee Candle Home for Holidays sampler house & Gingerbread tall sampler holder
Home for Holidays 12 Sampler House for 18,99 pounds and a Gingerbread Tall Sampler Holder for 8,01 pounds. The 3 Sampler candles came as free gifts for my purchase: Red Apple, Snow in Love and Cranberry Ice.

As for delivery they only charged me 9,99 pounds which is an excellent deal for the two large boxes I received today all the way from the UK. The candles were carefully wrapped in bubble and the holders came in very well-protected individual foam boxes.

I know I can't really use the candle holders for now but I think it has saved me some money for next Christmas, yay!

Happy sales-shopping,

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