1 February 2014

January empties

Dear diary,

This month has really flown by and I have a bunch of empty packages to share with you.

My vitamin supplement for hair, skin and nails:
Hair, Skin & Nails supplement
I usually take this as a one-month treatment three times per year: right after summer when my hair is falling out like crazy, during the colder winter months and just before summer to prepare and strengthen my hair for the burning hot summer months.

Pomegranate energizing shower gel by Yves Rocher:
Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde Pommegranate shower gel
Has an amazing fresh scent perfect for making me feel more awake and charging my batteries for a long day at the office.

Anti-cellulite treatment stick by Thiomucase:
Thiomucase anti cellulite stick
I read somewhere that the use of anti-cellulite products is someway culture related. I don't remember any blogger/vlogger that I follow mentioning the use of these so I suppose it's true. European women seem to regularly use anti-cellulite creams whereas the rest of the world don't bother so much. Is it because they don't have cellulite problems or what? I sure do and this one has worked amazingly well. It came in one of the last glossyboxes I was subscribed to before they increased their price in 50%. I'll be repurchasing this in springtime for sure, for now I'm trying out a NIVEA one in gel form.

Double serum complete age control concentrate by Clarins:
Clarins Double Serum
The first and the last applications where more on the oilier side so I've only been using this at night just to be safe. The new formula was supposed to be less oily but even so I think it's still too much for my skin. Maybe I'll repurchase it next winter if I can't find anything better.

Yves Saint Laurent Teint éclat de soie radiance smoothing foundation with SPF 8 in number 4:
YSL Teint éclat de soie radiance smoothing foundation
I got this from a friend of mine and haven't liked it very much. It's the perfect shade for me in the winter but it made my skin feel oily after just a couple of hours. Anyway I have been using this in the winter and put a mattifying powder on top, I just hate wasting good products even when they don't work for me. Unless it breaks me out of course, but I still haven't found the product that does that.

 Not one but two mascaras:
The Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara that has only lasted me two months before becoming clumpy and dry. Before that it was just too wet for my taste, so no luck there. You can read a full review and mini giveaway here.

I got the Eylure Lash voluminous false lash blending mascara for free as part of a 29 pounds-worth kit for a purchase over 30 pounds in cosmetics I made at Look Fantastic. After 3 or 4 applications I just gave up. It didn't do any voluminizing at all and it smells really really bad.

My favourite eyebrow pencil by Integrate (Shiseido brand):
Integrate brow pencil in gray
I bought this on my trip to Tokyo and I adore it, it matches my brows 100%, it's a dark brown/grey tone, sorry but I can't read Japanese so I don't know what the packaging says. Luckily I found a web site where I can repurchase it, I already have two back-ups.

Lipium lip gel:
Lipium homeopathic lip gel
This homeopathic product I discovered when I worked at a Pharmacy a long time ago. It is a gel that completely dries after a few seconds and doesn't leave any sticky residue on your lips. I use this as a protective barrier when I'm using a drying lip product as I have severely dehydrated lips. It keeps your lips soft and prevents them from flaking as they'd normally do after using a dark toned lipstick.

Collistar anti-age hand treatment:
Collistar anti-age hand cream
It's a thick/dense white cream that feels very nourishing and absorbs very well into the skin not leaving behind any sticky or greasy feeling at all. As for its scent, nothing to comment, just a neutral cream smell, not bad, not amazing either.

For the love of sharing,

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