3 March 2014

All about nails

Dear diary,

This topic for the 2014BloggerChallenge came in with the most perfect timing. I was just trying on a new nail polish when I received Gaby's email on topic #5.

Last month I added some new L'Óreal nail polishes to my collection. The first two I got for free with a purchase at LookFantastic.com they are 617 You are worth it (a powdered grey lilac) and 211 Opulent pink (a dark bright fucsia). I love how easy they are to apply -I'm a bit of a klutz painting my nails but I'm getting better with practice, lots and lots of practice.- They also are well pigmented, needing only two coats and the brush is wide and round at the tip so it makes it very easy to apply in just three strokes.

They are not cheap (for drugstore standards) but they are so easy to take off. I hate it when taking off a dark nail polish it gets all smeared on your fingers and you'll end up walking around with coloured fingers for a while.

So I got a bright yellow: 834 Banana pop and a bubblegum pink: 209 Ingenious rose. But my favourite one has the perfect name description: 844 Rocknroll denim, it's a sparkly blue denim shade that I think will look amazing when I'm a bit more tanned.

As for nail tutorials, I'll leave you a link to my favourite nail art guru: Janelle.

For the love of sharing,