27 March 2014

BOB: Beauty blogger

Dear diary,

This is our final #BOBBlogChallenge post y'all, I hate goodbyes so I'll just skip that part and dive right into this week's topic: Beauty blogger/s.

I'm fairly new to the blogger community and I didn't follow any bloggers before I started writing myself. I'm afraid I don't have a favourite blog/blogger but I try to follow as many as I can to reciprocate those that follow me.

Somewhat different are vloggers/youtubers, I follow a few since I got into make up 3 years ago and I could leave you a complete list but I think I'm going to downsize this for you and only choose 5 and list them in no particular order:

  1. Estée from Essiebutton, it soothes me hearing her speak, I really enjoy her ramblings.
  2. Tanya Burr, her cheerfulness is contagious, she brightens my day.
  3. Sineadycady from The Make-up Chair, I love her short and to the point tutorials.
  4. Claire Marshall from heyclaire, just because I have a girl crush on her, I think she's just perfect.
  5. Maru from mugumogu, he's my hero, always perfect without ever using make up.

Thank you Sam for setting this up and being a perfect award winning-host, you are an inspiration for us all. I also want to thank all the other participants, you really made me feel like I belonged. We'll keep in touch ;)

Please enter my little giveaway before saying goodbye, just skip to the end of the post.