17 March 2014

Nom nom nom!

Dear diary,

The best thing about being a Hobbit is that they have like 14 meals a day. Where can I sign up for that?

As you might have guessed topic 6 for Gaby's #2014BloggerChallenge is anything food related that we can whisk up.

I decided to tell you some random facts about my relationship with food:
  1. The only food that I don't like: brussels sprouts, avocados and cow tongue.
  2. Weird/disgusting food that I actually do like: snails, brains, pigs' ears.
  3. My best gourmet vacation: Tokyo, Sushi Zanmai being one of my fave restaurants.
  4. My mother owned an Indonesian restaurant near Barcelona before I was born.
  5. I'm a carnivore, I like all kinds of meat (excluding the cow tongue).
  6. I twice made the hubby drive 230km out of course and another 230km back just to go to my favourite restaurant in Spain: Las Piscinas in Villacarriedo (Santander).
  7. Granada is my favourite city in Spain, you can find the best tapas at Los Diamantes. I tell you it's worth the 400km drive.
  8. I enjoy the simplest food, my go-to dish when I have nothing else in the fridge is: Arroz a la Cubana. It's just cooked white rice with fried eggs, a fried banana and some tomato sauce (not ketchup).
  9. When in London I like going to Yo! Sushi, I love watching the dishes parade in front of me. Last time I was there I went on my own for Sumo sundays and had 15 plates.
  10. I like staying at the Paradores hotels in Spain as they serve an amazing breakfast, I usually get up very early (08:00) and don't leave until they close (11:00). 
  11. Once I was kindly asked to leave an all you can eat-buffet restaurant.
  12. I don't like being rude so I'll never complain about the food, at a restaurant, at least. I'll just refrain from going there ever again. To my husband I use to complain all the time (according to him).
  13. You could conclude that I'm a great chef, but no, I'm not completely awful but I'm not good either. It's just something that needs to be done and the alternative (aka hubby) is way worse...
I hope you enjoyed reading this, I thought it would be nice to share a more personal post with y'all.

For the love of food,


  1. I've never been to YO! Sushi but I've always wanted to try it out - it sounds so nice :-)

    1. I really like going there, I haven't been in a while as we don't have Yo! Sushi restaurants in Spain. I love that you can drink all the miso soup you want at a fixed price. Thanks for stopping by ;)

  2. haha thats the best! ''I was once kindly asked to leave an all you can eat! '' so funny! Great post!
    Sophie Jenner

    1. Thanks a lot, Sophie. Glad you liked it, I sometimes fear my sense of humor doesn't match anybody else's...

  3. Great post. The hobbit comment had me really laughing.
    Bright and Shiny

    1. Thank you, Bright and Shiny. It's something that has been in my mind ever since I first read The Lord of the Rings almost 30 years ago. See u around ;)

  4. Tokyo was one of my favourite food vacations too, the food there was delicious! x

    1. Indeed it is, I enjoyed it so much that I'm so wanting to go back just for the amazing food. Even the food from the convenience stores was good!


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