24 March 2014

The #Bloggersdoitbetter Challenge

Dear diary,

Gemma from Touch of Belle has come up with another of these blogger challenges that are circling around. I really enjoy taking part in them, it's a great way to get to know more blogs and it also helps you achieve more variety in your blog posts by making you write about some issues you maybe are not so familiar with.

I've left you a link above that will take you to Gemma's post where you can read all about what this challenge entails. Basically you'll have to post an entry every two weeks on a Monday. The topics will be sent in advance and it's open to all kind of bloggers so just email Gemma to: touchofbelle@gmail.com with your name, blog URL and email address so she can contact you and add you to the list of participants.

She's also created a google+ community and a Facebook group to link the posts once they are up and running as well as the hashtag for Twitter.

What are you waiting for? This is going to be so much fun that you cannot let this pass.

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