14 April 2014

3-month no-poo challenge (ended)

Dear diary,

Here are my final thoughts about my not using shampoo for 12 weeks. Yikes, I hear you say? Not at all. I still wash my hair regularly only I don't use any of the regular shampoos that are out there that claim to be paraben- and sulfate-free, I go a step further.

In my first post I wrote about the motivation behind this challenge and in my second post I gave my personal opinion about reducing the use of parabens and sulfates.

My hair:
  • feels less frizzy
  • has more volume
  • has more grip so it's easier to style
  • feels healthier (I suppose, there is no way of measuring this)
  • I wash it less often (twice a week instead of 3 to 4)
  • needs dyeing less often (or at least that's what I felt)
  • has less fallout

For washing my hair I'm using a mix of luke warm water and baking soda in a squirt bottle and massage it only to my roots (on dry hair), I leave it in for a minute and then rinse it off. I still use a conditioner or a hair mask from mid lengths to ends to infuse my hair of some oil as the bicarb has taken it all away, I leave it for another minute before rinsing and finally I spray some apple cider vinegar which I rinse off with the coldest water I can manage. I pat-dry my hair with a microfiber towel as wringing can lead to breakage and then I apply a protecting/healing oil (Macadamia, at the moment) on my ends.

To space out my washes I'm using my beloved Batiste dry shampoo as too much use of bicarb and vinegar isn't that good for your hair either.

I've reached a sort of compromise: I'm going to continue with my bicarb + vinegar routine and I'll switch over to the use of shampoo once in a while, maybe twice a month.

If any of you know a healthier hair care routine please let me know, I assure you I won't be nice to look at once I've gone totally bald.

For the love of sharing,