15 May 2014

#2014BloggerChallenge - Hair tools

Dear diary,

Here we are again, beauty lovers, ready for another installment of the 2014 Blogger Challenge and this time we are all writing about anything hair related.

In my case I have already written about my favourite hair care range, my hair care routine and my no-poo challenge so I've decided it was time to write about my hair tools.

The hubby gave me this awesome GHD hair straightener set for Christmas a few years back, I think he was sick of my constant babbling about it. I hadn't purchased it myself as I thought it was crazy expensive. This limited edition set came with a travel sized blow dryer, two individual heat resistant pouches and a bigger heat resistant bag to carry the two tools inside.

 It does only have an on/off switch and a little light that turns orange when the straightener is turned on. It takes about 10 seconds to warm up and it beeps 3 times to tell you it's ready for use.

I'm not much of a fan of using hair straighteners on a daily basis simply because I have very fine, very sparse and very oily hair, so I'm against anything that could damage it. I only blow dry my hair during the winter time and avoid it every chance I get. In the summer I normally leave it to dry naturally and don't bother with styling it in any way, I can live with that.

I always use a heat protectant spray before I use hot tools on my hair, except for the blow drier as I tend to leave my hair slightly damp.


This BaByliss easy curl hair wand has been a recent purchase of mine. I've tried several times to curl my hair with my GHD but I'm such a klutz and I don't seem to be able to follow even the easiest hair tutorial's instructions. 

This is very easy to use, it has a heat setting from 1 to 10, I have it on 6 and find it curls my type of hair perfectly. It has and on and an off button and a small light when it's on. It warms up very quickly and it came with two sets of mini gloves (to cover only your thumb and pointer finger), but I haven't used those.

I ordered this online at Maquillalia as they were giving out free shipping and it only cost me 29,90€. It usually retails for 42,50€ according to them. 

I've only used this twice as I just got it last week but I'm glad I finally decided to purchase it, I'm such a late bloomer with anything beauty related. Who would wait to have their first hair curler at 41?

I've left you a link at the top to Gaby's main post on this topic where you can find the links to all the other bloggers' posts. 

Thanks for reading,