5 May 2014

#Bloggersdoitbetter: NYX Nude vs Bright

Dear diary,

I've been wanting to try out NYX lip glosses for the longest time but I always found it difficult to choose the perfect shade from an online store as well as having it shipped home.

Finally I came across a drugstore nearby that had a NYX display so I went there last Friday and got these two shades to try out first and see if I liked the formula before committing to buying some more. They are quite affordable, retailing for less than 7€ but even so, I don't like ending up with lots and lots of make up items I don't like.

I'm not much of a lippy kind of person but I'm slowly building up my collection and I really wanted to have a bold and bright shade in it so I chose this bright pink-almost red Xtreme lip cream in 03 spicy. As I tend to like lip glosses over lipsticks I found that this was perfect for me. It applies like a gloss although it's thicker and therefore more opaque. It has a common lipstick scent although it feels more hydrating but don't hold me to that as I haven't worn it yet.

I intended to purchase the butter gloss in créme brulée that so many bloggers rave about but I didn't notice that someone had mistakenly placed 07 Tiramisu in it's place. I'm very happy how that turned out as I think this shade suits me better. It has a caramel scent to it and it doesn't feel sticky. It's the perfect nude gloss that you can wear on its own, although it's a bit sheer, or layer on top of your favourite nude lipstick, which is how I'm going to use it.

I wanted to show you how they wore on my lips but you'll have to excuse me, the photos were just awful quality, here I leave you the swatches on my arm:

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For the love of a gorgeous pout,