29 May 2014

May empties

Dear readers,

Another month has flown by and it's time for my monthly empties.

My beloved Nivea in shower body milk, perfect for a quick wash and go, I have a full review here.

I'm still using the bicarb + vinegar combo for washing my hair but in between I give my hair a nurturing not so old-fashioned shampoo cleanse. This is the Redken Nature's rescue refreshing detox shampoo and it's silicone/paraben/sulfate free. It doesn't lather up much for those of you who might not like that, I've gotten used to it so it doesn't bother me that much anymore.

Sample sized (10ml = 0.33 fl.oz) Caudalie Vinexpert day and night cream. 

My lovely friend Ester takes good care of me and brings me Caudalie products when she comes visit. The hotel where she works at has a Caudalie spa so she can get their products at a reduced price, yay!

This is the only regret product of the month: Batiste dry shampoo in dark & deep brown.

It works just as good as the regular one although it stains a lot I have to say so I'll keep to the original or the cherry scented one that I'm trying out right now.

Lush Celebrate body lotion.

This came in my Wow box, it smells great like all Lush products, it is very thick and a bit difficult to apply so I used it at night before bed. I've switched over to The Body Shop Satsuma body butter in the meantime and I like it better as it absorbs quicker and is nice and strongly scented.

This Roc Multi Correction anti-age moisturizer was blah, not really bad but I didn't like the smell, it has a distinct cream smell that reminds me of old powdered ladies so I used this mainly in the weekends when I stayed home. Not that the scent lingers as it goes away almost immediately but I have to like the scent when I'm applying a product, otherwise I won't like it at all even if it's being great for my skin.

Aromatherapy Associates Little Bell Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil:

I purchased this after watching a Youtube video where Lisa Eldridge was giving ideas on Christmas presents. I loved it, especially the fact that you don't need a bathtub to use it, you can use it in the shower, you just need to smooth it over your body before jumping in and wash as usual. The oil in the skin mixes with the hot water and releases a wonderful herbal aroma and leaves your skin feeling super soft. You get 3 uses out of the little bottle (7.5ml = 0.25 fl.oz) but I stretched it out to 5.

Nivea good-by cellulite: nothing to comment here, you all know how it works, at least I hope it does. I haven't found any miracle anti-cellulite product yet so I keep it affordable, they work as good as the more pricey ones, believe me. This one cost me 10€ for a 200ml tube.

LancĂ´me Teint Miracle in 03 Beige diaphane.

I got 3 sample size tubes (5ml) by cutting coupons from a magazine, that's half a regular size tube! I've had them for quite a while now and was afraid they'd go bad so I included them in my daily make up routine as it matches my skin tone perfectly. It doesn't smell funny so I suppose they are still usable, you know how I hate wasting products.

I'm a huge sample hoarder, I keep them all in my travel beauty bag as they are so convenient when traveling but I have so many of them I cannot possibly use them all up if I don't start using them on a more regular basis, or I could just travel more... sigh

For the love of samples,

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