26 May 2014

My weekend in photos: Formentera

Dear readers,

I spent the weekend in Formentera, a small island near Ibiza.

If there were an award for the worst blogger ever I'm sure I'd win it, I left my camera at home and had to borrow the following pictures from my friends:

photography and editing by Marta Villen

This island has the most beautiful beaches:

 photography by Marta Villen

View from our hotel room balcony - taken with my iPad :(

We had an amazing breakfast at the Gecko Beach Club Boutique Hotel:

Me and my coworkers/friends. Paco was celebrating because Real Madrid won the Champions league for the 10th time the night before and he wouldn't take his shirt off. He told us he'd showered with it on.

picture taken by @13mgg 

Beautiful lighthouse in el Pilar de la Mola:

 photography by Marta Villen
Bit windy:

 picture taken by Paco

Typical Mediterranean fishermen's boats:

 photography by Marta Villen

Time for refreshments:

photography by Marta Villen

Thanks to my friends for a wonderful weekend and also for letting me steal some of their pics to include in this post.

Now I need to unpack my bags to repack them for my next destination, can you guess where I'm going?

For the love of traveling,