23 June 2014

#Bloggersdoitbetter: Collections

Dear readers,

With the summer time having officially started last Saturday I was thinking this would be the perfect chance to show y'all my bikini collection.

I have two kind of bikinis, the ones I use on a day to day basis and other hat I only use when on vacation or on special occasions.

This first one is from Women'secret and I've had it for ages, I realized when taking the picture that the red was a bit faded so I just threw it in the bin, bye bye to you. It was my most worn bikini.

This is another bikini from Women'secret and I purchased it at the same time as the one above. I haven't worn it so much so it's still pretty wearable and I'll give it another year of life.

This one was a gift from my lovely friend Laura who owns a lingerie shop. It's reversible but I always use it this side as I don't particularly like the other. I don't usually use bikini tops when I'm sunbathing so I'm getting a lot of use out of this particular one.

This is a gorgeous bikini from Malizia by La Perla, the only downside is that I find the bottom a bit on the large side, I prefer smaller bottoms so I barely wear this. This was also a gift from my friend Laura and her mother for my birthday maybe 4 or 5 years ago.

Women'secret bikini bottom, I forgot I had this until I was fishing out all my bikinis from their drawer. It was still in its plastic bag covered in talcum powder, that's the way I store them for the winter as the talcum absorbs any left over humidity and prevents the elastic fibers from breaking and making the fabric scrunchy and useless.

Malizia by La Perla: this is one of my special occasion bikinis, it's very old but I haven't worn it very often so it's as good as new. The only downside is that I've gained some weight ever since so it doesn't look as stunning on me anymore :(

Malizia by La Perla: another special bikini that has also grown a bit small for me but hell, who cares? I'm already married so I've got no one to impress any longer :)

Antigel by Lise Charmel: this has a gorgeous print and is very flattering. I got it for my birthday like 3 years ago and I haven't worn it yet, you can see that the tags are still on. It's such a beautiful piece that I want to have it forever so for now I'm happy just looking at it once in a while.

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Happy summer!


  1. Wow you sure do have a lot of bikinis! I have like, two xD I loved the cheetah print one for Women's Secret, I am much a fan of animal print myself, although I don't wear it often because it suits me. I doubt I could be brave enough to sunbathe without a top, but I guess it does avoid those annoying tan lines everyone ends up with around their shoulders ;)

    Check out my post about the same topic: http://olivia-savannah.blogspot.nl/2014/06/musical-madness-halycon-days-ellie.html

  2. I live near the beach, just need to cross a street and it's always such nice weather here. We are very used to not wearing tops over here, it depends on what you're accustomed to. As a teenager I used to wear T-shirts over my bikini as I'm very flat and was ashamed of that until someone told me it was more flattering having small breasts. Thanks for commenting hun ;)


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