2 June 2014

#Bloggersdoitbetter: Sunshine

Dear readers,

This is my view on this bloggers do sunshine better topic.

I love going to the beach and I'm very lucky to have one very near, I only need to cross the street, so me and the hubby use to go a lot. It's a cobblestone beach, though but I prefer it like that, I hate the sand getting everywhere.

I have a very wide selection of sunscreen products but I'm only showing you the few I couldn't possible live without.

Anessa (Japanese Shiseido brand) SPF 50+ PA++++

It's perfect for everyday use, it's so lightweight and absorbs so quick that you don't feel it's under your make up. It doesn't have any scent (I hate the sunscreen-scent when I'm not at the beach) and is a white lotion, almost as thin as water.

Collistar anti-wrinkle after sun face treatment.

I like using a targeted moisturizer at night when I've been to the beach that day. Even though I reapply sunscreen regularly I like giving my skin some extra hydration at night.

Yves Rocher Protectyl végétal after sun for body.

This has an amazing coconut scent to it without it being too overwhelming. I don't especially like coconut smell but this one I do like. It absorbs quickly and leaves a smooth and silky feeling to the skin.

Balsoderm after sun intensive spray.

This is my emergency after sun for body, it has a cooling effect and it immediately calms down any sunburn. It's in a spray form so you don't have to rub it onto your sensitive spots, the redness disappears in minutes. If you keep it in the fridge it doubles its purposes.

Bepanthol creme.

For more serious sunburns you can use this product although I only have it in case of domestic burns or to regenerate the skin if I've gotten a new tattoo.

Garnier Delial Golden protect spf 50.

I left the best for last. This sunscreen for body is the most amazing product I've ever tried. It hydrates without leaving a sticky residue, even the hubby loves it and you know how guys are with creams and lotions, they don't like feeling any sticky residue. It absorbs completely and leaves some tiny shimmery particles on the skin making it look more tan and glowing in the sunshine, pretty glamourous.

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  1. Ooh you are so lucky having a beach nearby! Our closet one is over an hours drive away so we rarely go - beaches are very much a holiday type thing for us. When we do go though, I never use ANY sunscreen. Even when I was in Jamaica xD I don't know if it is physically possible for me to burn with my dark skin and all? I've never been sunburnt, at least :P

    Check out my post about the same topic: http://olivia-savannah.blogspot.nl/2014/06/notd-sunshine.html

    1. I was darker skinned when younger but I've heard that the skin has a natural protection up to a point. Even though you don't get sunburned it's always better to use a good sunscreen to prevent your skin from ageing and wrinkling at a sooner age. Thanks for stopping by again :)


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