12 June 2014

Guessing game: my vacation in photos #nofilter

Dear readers,

After my trip to Formentera I packed my bags for a colder climate.

Can you guess where I went to?

Here are some clues:

Ok, maybe not a clue at all. A very random pic of this tee I saw in New Yorker, but I had to take this picture because it reminded me of the lovely and most funny Ingrid Nilsen aka MissGlamorazzi.

I was trying out taking some (good) selfies as I'm so bad at taking pics and I always think I'm too ugly for photos... I liked this one because the hubby was making fun of me and I had to laugh for real.

So, we'll start our journey with this pic. It was late afternoon and we had an hour to kill before our dinner reservation.

We love this city especially for its beautiful shopping area. I went to LUSH and went a bit cray cray and #FeelingSpendy I purchased over 100€ worth of products. Noticed the currency? - hint hint

This little beach was lovely to visit, not so crowded as the most famous one.

The hubby got some apple pancake and me, I just love me some poffertjes and this was the first time getting them with bacon, normally they are served with butter and powdered sugar mmmmm.

We saw this crane while biking along the canal, we both love these birds as they mate for life, isn't that super romantic?

I'm still a bit stiff from all the biking we did... ahem! - clears throat

The little town near our hotel had this idyllic look, almost like a painting.

For those of you who haven't guessed yet this sums it all up: nom nom nom

Broodje haring: Yay!

For the love of traveling, again,


  1. Oh wow you went to the Netherlands! That's where I am living right now :D I think you don't take ugly pictures, and that is a very nice one right there ^.^ I hope you liked our country! The food does look nice there, haha. Our beaches may not be the best though... and of course you had to cycle if you came here!

    That shirt <3 Quirky and funny!


    1. I know. I wanted to tell you before hand but I looked up where you lived and it was a bit far away from where I was staying plus I had a busy schedule, but it would have been nice to meet up and chat in person. You're always leaving such lovely comments and I very much enjoy reading your posts.

  2. That donut t shirt is soo cute! Looks like an adorable holiday :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. It really was an awesome holiday, thanks for stopping by ;)

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