9 June 2014

Primark haul

Dear readers,

I recently went to Primark and may have purchased a few items, so without further ado here goes my first fashion haul with pictures:

Printed top: 6€

Fitted tee: 6€

Men's tee: 6€

Crochet top: 5€

Broidery skater dress: 7€. This was meant to be size 10 but when I tried it at home I saw that it was size 12, it must have gotten mixed up at the store and was given the wrong hanger with a size 10 sticker. Anyhow I only wanted an easy dress to go to the beach so I don't mind it being a bit loose.

Printed viscose pants: 9€

Polka dot viscose top: 7€

I also purchased a lint roller, argan oil hair conditioner and a white infinity scarf with little baby pink polka dots.

Total expenditure: 56€ not bad taking into account that in ZARA I'd only be able to purchase 2 items for that amount.

Yay for Primark!


  1. I like the crotchet top, did the white vest under come with it?

    1. No, I just put one of mine under it. I took it with me to my trip to Formentera and I wore it a lot over anything I was wearing when it got a bit colder during the day. Thanks for stopping by ;)


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