31 July 2014

Unboxing: China Glaze

Dear readers,

I couldn't pass on the buy 2 get one free deal at Maquillalia. Yesterday I featured my The Balm purchase and today it's time for some China Glaze.

As I commented yesterday the goodies come tightly and securely wrapped in a sturdy bubble wrap sealed off with sellotape, inside a plastic bag.

I chose this variety of shades as the individual polishes were sold at 4,45€ and the set of 4 at 10,74€. As I am in need of no particular colour I chose pink and purple hues as I'm low on those shades and the turquoise set because I can never have enough of those.

As you get one set for free I ended up paying only 21,48€ (next day shipping included) on all 12 nail polishes, that's 1,79€ per polish and yes, they are full size (14ml).

For the China Glaze connoisseurs out there, the shades are:

Pinks: 1065 Angel's breath (creamy light pink), 862 Something sweet (baby pink), 1039 Dance Baby (Bubblegum pink) and 195 Make an entrance (fuchsia).

Purples: 1040 Sweet Hook (a light lavender), 233 Spontaneous (lavender), 860 Grape pop (purple) and 987 Crimson (very dark eggplant).

Turquoises: 023 White on white (self explanatory), 625 For Audrey (creamy turquoise), 1032 Aquadelic (not much difference between this and the previous one, maybe just half a tone up) and 1007 Turned up turquoise (dark turquoise with a shimmery texture).

I'm the worst at describing colours but I've tried my best for y'all...

I almost forgot to mention that the set comes with 10 small sponges to easily recreate the ombre look on your nails. I've only done this once or twice but it's nice to have the option.

And finally I forgot to mention this in yesterday's post but they always include a few freebies in the form of sachet testers and a small bag of assorted gummi candy - which I can't show you because it quickly ended up in my tummy :)

For the love of pretty nails,

30 July 2014

Unboxing: The Balm

Dear readers,

They were holding a 3X2 sale at Maquillalia for certain brands including The Balm, so I finally were able to get my hands on a much desired beauty item, just keep reading to find out which.

I placed my order yesterday around noon and this morning: voilà, my package arrived at the office.
It didn't come in a box, this is a picture of the plastic bag my goodies traveled in.

They were carefully packed in a big bubble wrap.

This time every item made it safely. I'm only saying this because it was my second attempt to get the Mary-Lou Manizer. I ordered it a few months ago but I later got an email telling me that they were out of stock and that they had already refunded me the money, boo hoo hooo.

So I went for 3 products that were very similar in price to get the best deal: you get the cheapest product for free.

My top choice was, of course, the Mary-Lou Manizer for 12,70€. Then I decided to get the bronzer: Betty-Lou Manizer, for the same price, as I am in need of a bronzer after I gave my Make Up Forever one to a friend. And finally, after much going back and forth I decided I would give the Cheater! mascara a try (this I got for free and would have paid 11,12€ otherwise) as I'm running low on my Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! and they don't sell Tarte over here.

This is a close-up of the Mary-Lou Manizer.

And this is the Betty-Lou Manizer.

You can barely tell the difference from these close-ups so I'll try to describe them to you: the Mary-Lou is a beautiful light yellow-golden tone and the Betty-Lou is more of a medium brown-golden tone with a slight orange undertone. So basically if I'd said one is a highlighter and the other a bronzer I'd have saved me some typing...

I haven't put anything to the test yet but I'll make sure to keep you posted. I'm excited to find out if they are really worth the hype. If not, I only paid 25,40€ including shipping costs, so not too bad if I later need to count this as a loss.

For the love of getting new make up,

28 July 2014

Summer heroes: Sun care

Dear readers,

Continuing with my summer heroes series I wanted to share with you my favourite sun care products:

At last I've found the perfect SPF to wear under my foundation. The ANESSA perfect essence sunscreen with SPF 50+ PA ++++ is a very light weight milky lotion that absorbs very quickly, it isn't scented and doesn't leave a white cast. I can't exactly remember what I paid for it as I got it during my trip to Tokyo, but it wasn't overly expensive, I think around the 13€ mark for a 25ml bottle. The only problem is that it's been discontinued and I haven't tried the new gel formula but I hope it's as good as this one.

This has been my favourite sunscreen body lotion for 3 years on a row. It's very affordable at 11€ and gives your skin a beautiful shimmery glow. It's the Delial Ambre Solaire Golden Protect lotion with SPF 30 by Garnier. You can also get it with SPF 10 or 20. I sometimes get the SPF 20 when I'm already tan but I usually stick to the higher protection factor and never ever go below 15.

This UVLAB mineral powder I also got when in Tokyo for around 12€. I hadn't come across anything like it at the time. It's a translucent loose powder with SPF 50 PA +++. It's very handy when you need to reapply your sunscreen (they recommend doing this every two hours) and you don't want to mess up your make up.

Anti-wrinkle after sun face treatment by Collistar 16€. Even though I'm super careful not to get sun burn I like giving my skin an extra treatment when I'm back home from the beach. I like that it's more of a richer formula but doesn't mess with my oily skin. It has a strong sweet floral scent to it, it reminds me of my all-time favourite perfume: Ysatis by Givenchy.

I have to include my final product without a picture as the lettering has rubbed off and it's almost empty: the Clinique long last glosswear SPF 15. I have it in a peach shade although I can't remember the exact name. It is very hydrating and extremely long wearing. I only use this when at the beach as I don't normally like my glosses to be sticky. It retails for about 16€.

Of course I have loads of other sun care products lying around but these are my top 5.

For the love of a gorgeous tan,

24 July 2014

The British Tag

Dear readers,

I was tagged by Katie even though I only have the tiniest bit of British blood in my veins. Both my parents were born in Indonesia although they are from French, Scottish, Dutch and English descent. We moved to Spain when I was 14 months old so I consider myself Spanish although they still call me "guiri" over here (derogatory for foreigner).

So lets move on to the questions:

1. How many cups of tea do you have? + How many sugars? 
2 to 4 in the summer time although I'm not including iced tea, and 4-8 in the winter. Doesn't seem that much but my mug can hold ½ liter so... I quit taking sugar with my tea like two years ago but I have to say that I like sugared Chai latte or Moroccan tea, although I don't take them very often.

2. Favourite part of your roast? Yorkshire pudding with gravy

3. Favourite dunking biscuit? McVitie's Hobnobs

4. Favourite quintessentially British pastime? I'd love to go fox hunting but I'll go for High Tea instead.

5. Favourite word? Esquire

6. Favorite sweet? Wine gums

7. What would your pub be called? Cheers - lame, I know!

8. Cockney rhyme slang? I didn't know anything about this existing until I read this tag so I'll choose one at random: Spanish onion = bunion; and of course, I took the one referring to Spain :)

9. No. 1 British person. This one's difficult but I'll go with J.R.R. Tolkien.

10. Favourite shop/restaurant? LUSH/Yo Sushi!

11. What British song pops into your head? Anything by The Beatles. Our school bus driver would always have them on, non stop.

12. Marmite? Sorry, never tried it, although the hubby loves it.

Thanks to Katie again for tagging me. I don't normally like to write tag posts but this one I found particularly interesting and I enjoyed picking my brain to give the right answers even though I've only been to GB a few times on short stays.

If you're interested in posting this tag on your blog, go ahead and have fun!

21 July 2014

#Bloggersdoitbetter: Lifestyle

Dear readers,

When I'm not working at the office my summer-life usually looks like this:

This is the view when I step outside my apartment building.

Lying on my sunbed reading a book on my Sony ereader. Currently reading: Requiem by Lauren Oliver.


Or it can look like this:

Home-made paella: nom! nom! nom!

Smoked sardines with apple and caramelized foie-gras.

Salmon Tataki.

See urchin with tuna caviar.

Of course with a side dish of blogging and watching youtube with an iced latte machiatto.

Or some hubby-made mojito, yay!

Head over to Gemma's aka Touch of Belle for more inspired Lifestyle posts, there's a link over there to all other participants' take on this topic.

Happy reading,

17 July 2014

Summer heroes: Foundation

Dear readers,

I've been extremely happy with my foundation routine lately and for that I have to thank my Youtube ladies: Tati from GlamLifeGuru for recommending the BeautyBlender, Ingrid from MissGlamorazzi for her tip on using MAC's Fix+ in combination with the BeautyBlender and Casey from ItsBlondie for helping me find the most perfect foundation ever.

This is my second Beauty Blender and I got it with my June Birchbox for only 10€.

It usually looks like this: eeeew!

The MAC Fix+ spray I got ages ago. It retails for 17,50€ and it contains 100ml. At first I purchased it because I thought it would help maintain my eyeshadow in place as I have super oily eyelids. But no luck there so I only used it to wet my brushes so the eyeshadow would take a more vibrant colour.

Not long ago I watched a Youtube video where MissGlamorazzi was giving a tip on spraying the Fix+ on the Beauty Blender to pat it over the face as a primer. I liked this idea and I used it until I came up with a better one. Now I'm using it to lock my foundation and concealer in place once I've applied them. I pat the BB with a few sprays of the Fix+ over my whole face as a finishing touch before going on to set everything with powder. This way I feel my foundation lasts longer and it also keeps the shine away for a few more hours.

I had watched ItsBlondie mentioning this foundation in one of her videos as being the bomb.com so when I got a 5 pound discount for my birthday at Feel Unique I didn't think twice. What amazes me most is that I was able to pick the perfect shade only by looking at the pictures on their website. In store I find it so difficult to match my skin tone that I took a huge risk getting this foundation online.

My shade is 300 Medium Beige and I ended up paying 24,70 pounds for a 70ml bottle of the Dior Airflash spray foundation. The way I like to use this is: I spray it on the back of my hand and then I dab the BB and begin patting it on my face in sections without dragging. I've never achieved a more flawless finish but next time I'll be getting its matte version. I only learnt about its existence after having purchased the normal one :(

For the love of a flawless skin,

14 July 2014

My weekend in wines

Dear readers,

I've been very busy this weekend so you'll have to excuse my lack of beauty posts. Hopefully, I'll be back on track soon enough.

We met some friends for drinks Friday evening in La Despensa. We started off with some Spanish Champagne that is usually called "Cava" over here. As some of you may already know I'm the worst blogger ever when it comes to taking pictures and on top of that, as per usual, I forgot to take my blogging camera with me so I had to rely on my iPhone.

I forgot to take a picture of the Cava but we switched over to white wine soon afterwards.

I'm not a winey so don't expect me to give you a thorough evaluation of all these wines.

After the white wine we ordered a red wine for those of us who are more into reds. The grenache grape is not one of my favourite but I think that you have to keep tasting different wines to train your palate.

The following morning we got up very early to visit a vineyard: Enrique Mendoza.

We had a wonderful time tasting some of their wines and I made some new blogger friends, so for those of you interested in a more in-depth review head over to vinowine.es

After the wine tasting we went into town to have a much deserved lunch meal and they had snails! yay! Sorry for those of you who find this disgusting, just scroll to the next pic.

This time we started off with red wine.

And we kept it that way.

On sunday I just stayed home watching TV shows and drinking lots of water...

For the love of drinking wine,

9 July 2014

The Body Shop: Unboxing

Dear readers,

Here's just a short post about my latest The Body Shop online order:

Inside the box: two paper bags full of goodies.

Blueberry Body Butter 200ml for 8€

Passionfruit Body Butter 200ml for 8€

I 've only tried out the Satsuma body butter and I was running low but these other fruity scents were on sale and I love me some fruits.

Raspberry Body Lotion 250ml for 8€

Satsuma and Pink Grapefruit hand cleanse gels 60ml for 2,50€ each. They don't leave a sticky feeling like some other hand sanitizers do and they smell amazeballs like all TBS products.

And finally a Camomile eye make-up remover for 4€ and the Strawberry body puree for free, both are travel sizes so very convenient and cute.

Total cost: 33€ minus a 2€ coupon = 31€ paid.

For the love of receiving parcels,

7 July 2014

#Bloggersdoitbetter: Organisation

Dear diary,

The only thing that comes to mind when I think of what helps me keep myself organized is Notes.app, just the old-fashioned note book but in its digital version.

What do I use it for?

For example,

I keep a register of all brands of foundation and concealer I've tried with the shades that suit me best depending on the season. I write down the coverage and its lasting power as I have such an oily skin that I find it difficult to find a foundation that gives me a matte finish and at the same time will minimize my huge pores. Still on the hunt for the perfect foundation, though...

I also keep lists of useful things like: where I can purchase certain brands or items online, my favourite Yankee Candle scents, the TV shows I want to watch, the books I've read, various wish lists and also more boring stuff like expenses and passwords.

Having all Apple devices makes it so easy to add or modify my notes as it will automatically show up in all of them.

When I'm watching Youtube vids or reading blogs and someone mentions a great product I will pause everything and immediately add it to my notes so I won't forget. How many times have I tried to remember who said what and where because I hadn't written it down?

Sorry I drew a bit of a blank with this topic you guys, but I hope it wasn't that boring after all.

If you're interested in reading what the other bloggers wrote about go here.

For the love of making lists,

5 July 2014

Mango Haul

Dear readers,

First of all excuse my lack of selfie experience. I'm still not used to taking them and I noticed I was angling my arm in a weird position in order to be able to capture my whole outfit and at the same time covering my face. Also I couldn't find any place in the house that would give me a sort of neutral background but I'm sure I'll be improving with time, or not...

So having said that, lets get down to business: my clothing haul. I ordered from Mango's website the minute I received a code for a 40% off and this is what I got:

This is a very simple dress, just a long, loose T-shirt in grey with navy stripes that can be dressed up by adding a golden belt,  high heels and some other accessories. It has some small openings on the side that may show too much skin for some, so beware!

price: 9,59€

I'm obsessed with palm trees this summer, I don't know why, maybe it's from watching too many Claire Marshall videos.

price: 17,99€

I was also lusting over a long dress so I chose this one with the same pattern all the way down because I knew I had to make it shorter (I'm very petite at 5'3") so it won't mess up the print.

price: 41,99€

At first I couldn't decide which colour to choose for this top. It didn't show up very cute in the web pictures but when I tried it on I loved it. I thought about getting it in off-white so I could pair it with almost everything but I finally chose this taupe shade and I'm very happy with my decision as it pairs perfectly with my favourite skirt by Stradivarius. After having tried it on I wanted to get the off-white as well but it was already sold out in size M :(

price: 11,99€

Total expenditure: 81,56€ with free shipping

For the love of shopping in the sales,