1 July 2014

Birchbox June

Dear readers,

Here goes my first unboxing.

I decided to get the June Birchbox as there was a small chance I would get the amazing and expensive Beauty Blender. I got a 3€ reduction for it being my first purchase and ended up paying only 10€. Already in July but 5 days after having placed my order, my parcel arrived.

And here you have the unveiling:

Within the parcel comes a smaller box. I like using these boxes for storing make up or, more recently I wrapped one in gift paper and used it to fill it with some goodies and gave it to a friend of mine as a personalized birthday present.

As you open the actual Birchbox the first thing you see are some cards:

The black envelope contained a 15€ discount on any ICE watch: code ICEBB14 for anyone interested, at es.ice-watch.com.

The pink chevron print card opens up to reveal 5 different kind of postcards, each of them featuring all the choices you could have gotten in this month's box.

The green/blue chevron print card invites you to participate in a Twitter & Instagram giveaway where you can win all the full-size products featured in this month's Birchbox plus an exclusive ICE watch. You just need to post a picture of your Birchbox using the #Birchboxes.

The last card is the usual card that comes with each month's box with a curt explanation for each product and its retail price for the full-size version.

After disposing of the annoying cards you see a small bag that contains all the goodies.

First item I grabbed were 4 sample size self-tanning towelettes by Comodynes: so scared that it could go wrong I've never ever tried one. Alternative use: regift this to some friend (or enemy).

Boots Serum7 lift anti wrinkle eye cream (full size: 15ml). This I was actually excited to get. I wanted to try this brand for a long time and I'm low on eye cream so: score!

Nah, random perfume (10ml). It doesn't smell too bad (apple scent) but I don't usually wear any perfume so I'll find it another home.

As an extra present they threw in a double-sided mirror. Some almost free publicity for the ICE watches.

White tea fluid gel cleanser by Korres (16ml): convenient for traveling.

And the jewel of the crown: Ladies and Gentleman, I present you: the Beauty Blender! - Round of applause - I did it, I actually got the Beauty Blender in my Birchbox plus a tiny solid cleanser I was looking for to purchase myself as I'd heard it's supposed to be very good at cleaning the sponge (and make up brushes).

I already have a Beauty Blender but it took me forever to decide to purchase it due to its price but I finally caved in a few months ago and man, it's so worth it. It gives a flawless/airbrushed finish to your foundation. I have such oily skin and humongous pores that not even primer was doing it for me. But this, it's a miracle little pink sponge that when wet doubles in size and is so easy to work with, no streak marks will be left behind, no. You just need a bit of patience to apply it with a stippling motion and prepare to be amazed. I end up my foundation routine by wetting it with a few sprays of MAC's Fix + and going over my whole face once again: after this your foundation will not budge.

Hope you liked my first unboxing, if not I hope you keep following my regular two-weekly posts.

For the love of opening boxes,


  1. I've always wanted to try the beauty blender but just afraid I'll hate it, so used to using a brush!

    1. I just think it is the best make up tool ever. The way it applies helps minimize my pores giving me a flawless finish whereas using a foundation brush, even with MAC's 187 (skunk brush) used in a stippling motion won't be as good as this. I still like using brushes now and again, I usually use the Real Techniques expert face brush or the Coastal Scents bionic flat top buffer brush, they are my fave. Thanks for stopping by ;)


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