5 July 2014

Mango Haul

Dear readers,

First of all excuse my lack of selfie experience. I'm still not used to taking them and I noticed I was angling my arm in a weird position in order to be able to capture my whole outfit and at the same time covering my face. Also I couldn't find any place in the house that would give me a sort of neutral background but I'm sure I'll be improving with time, or not...

So having said that, lets get down to business: my clothing haul. I ordered from Mango's website the minute I received a code for a 40% off and this is what I got:

This is a very simple dress, just a long, loose T-shirt in grey with navy stripes that can be dressed up by adding a golden belt,  high heels and some other accessories. It has some small openings on the side that may show too much skin for some, so beware!

price: 9,59€

I'm obsessed with palm trees this summer, I don't know why, maybe it's from watching too many Claire Marshall videos.

price: 17,99€

I was also lusting over a long dress so I chose this one with the same pattern all the way down because I knew I had to make it shorter (I'm very petite at 5'3") so it won't mess up the print.

price: 41,99€

At first I couldn't decide which colour to choose for this top. It didn't show up very cute in the web pictures but when I tried it on I loved it. I thought about getting it in off-white so I could pair it with almost everything but I finally chose this taupe shade and I'm very happy with my decision as it pairs perfectly with my favourite skirt by Stradivarius. After having tried it on I wanted to get the off-white as well but it was already sold out in size M :(

price: 11,99€

Total expenditure: 81,56€ with free shipping

For the love of shopping in the sales,

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