14 July 2014

My weekend in wines

Dear readers,

I've been very busy this weekend so you'll have to excuse my lack of beauty posts. Hopefully, I'll be back on track soon enough.

We met some friends for drinks Friday evening in La Despensa. We started off with some Spanish Champagne that is usually called "Cava" over here. As some of you may already know I'm the worst blogger ever when it comes to taking pictures and on top of that, as per usual, I forgot to take my blogging camera with me so I had to rely on my iPhone.

I forgot to take a picture of the Cava but we switched over to white wine soon afterwards.

I'm not a winey so don't expect me to give you a thorough evaluation of all these wines.

After the white wine we ordered a red wine for those of us who are more into reds. The grenache grape is not one of my favourite but I think that you have to keep tasting different wines to train your palate.

The following morning we got up very early to visit a vineyard: Enrique Mendoza.

We had a wonderful time tasting some of their wines and I made some new blogger friends, so for those of you interested in a more in-depth review head over to vinowine.es

After the wine tasting we went into town to have a much deserved lunch meal and they had snails! yay! Sorry for those of you who find this disgusting, just scroll to the next pic.

This time we started off with red wine.

And we kept it that way.

On sunday I just stayed home watching TV shows and drinking lots of water...

For the love of drinking wine,

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