17 July 2014

Summer heroes: Foundation

Dear readers,

I've been extremely happy with my foundation routine lately and for that I have to thank my Youtube ladies: Tati from GlamLifeGuru for recommending the BeautyBlender, Ingrid from MissGlamorazzi for her tip on using MAC's Fix+ in combination with the BeautyBlender and Casey from ItsBlondie for helping me find the most perfect foundation ever.

This is my second Beauty Blender and I got it with my June Birchbox for only 10€.

It usually looks like this: eeeew!

The MAC Fix+ spray I got ages ago. It retails for 17,50€ and it contains 100ml. At first I purchased it because I thought it would help maintain my eyeshadow in place as I have super oily eyelids. But no luck there so I only used it to wet my brushes so the eyeshadow would take a more vibrant colour.

Not long ago I watched a Youtube video where MissGlamorazzi was giving a tip on spraying the Fix+ on the Beauty Blender to pat it over the face as a primer. I liked this idea and I used it until I came up with a better one. Now I'm using it to lock my foundation and concealer in place once I've applied them. I pat the BB with a few sprays of the Fix+ over my whole face as a finishing touch before going on to set everything with powder. This way I feel my foundation lasts longer and it also keeps the shine away for a few more hours.

I had watched ItsBlondie mentioning this foundation in one of her videos as being the bomb.com so when I got a 5 pound discount for my birthday at Feel Unique I didn't think twice. What amazes me most is that I was able to pick the perfect shade only by looking at the pictures on their website. In store I find it so difficult to match my skin tone that I took a huge risk getting this foundation online.

My shade is 300 Medium Beige and I ended up paying 24,70 pounds for a 70ml bottle of the Dior Airflash spray foundation. The way I like to use this is: I spray it on the back of my hand and then I dab the BB and begin patting it on my face in sections without dragging. I've never achieved a more flawless finish but next time I'll be getting its matte version. I only learnt about its existence after having purchased the normal one :(

For the love of a flawless skin,


  1. Hey its "Katie" from http://katieatkinson22.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/the-british-tag.html I am just letting you know that i've tagged you to do the British Tag. Just something a little different and You don't have to be british to do it.

    1. What a fun tag!!! I'd love to be British :) Thanks for tagging me.


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