30 July 2014

Unboxing: The Balm

Dear readers,

They were holding a 3X2 sale at Maquillalia for certain brands including The Balm, so I finally were able to get my hands on a much desired beauty item, just keep reading to find out which.

I placed my order yesterday around noon and this morning: voilà, my package arrived at the office.
It didn't come in a box, this is a picture of the plastic bag my goodies traveled in.

They were carefully packed in a big bubble wrap.

This time every item made it safely. I'm only saying this because it was my second attempt to get the Mary-Lou Manizer. I ordered it a few months ago but I later got an email telling me that they were out of stock and that they had already refunded me the money, boo hoo hooo.

So I went for 3 products that were very similar in price to get the best deal: you get the cheapest product for free.

My top choice was, of course, the Mary-Lou Manizer for 12,70€. Then I decided to get the bronzer: Betty-Lou Manizer, for the same price, as I am in need of a bronzer after I gave my Make Up Forever one to a friend. And finally, after much going back and forth I decided I would give the Cheater! mascara a try (this I got for free and would have paid 11,12€ otherwise) as I'm running low on my Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! and they don't sell Tarte over here.

This is a close-up of the Mary-Lou Manizer.

And this is the Betty-Lou Manizer.

You can barely tell the difference from these close-ups so I'll try to describe them to you: the Mary-Lou is a beautiful light yellow-golden tone and the Betty-Lou is more of a medium brown-golden tone with a slight orange undertone. So basically if I'd said one is a highlighter and the other a bronzer I'd have saved me some typing...

I haven't put anything to the test yet but I'll make sure to keep you posted. I'm excited to find out if they are really worth the hype. If not, I only paid 25,40€ including shipping costs, so not too bad if I later need to count this as a loss.

For the love of getting new make up,


  1. The Betty-Lou Manizer looks beautiful! Hope you like them :)


    1. I just tried them out and so far so good. Tomorrow I'll try the mascara, hopefully it's as good as the powder products. Thanks for stopping by ;)


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