31 July 2014

Unboxing: China Glaze

Dear readers,

I couldn't pass on the buy 2 get one free deal at Maquillalia. Yesterday I featured my The Balm purchase and today it's time for some China Glaze.

As I commented yesterday the goodies come tightly and securely wrapped in a sturdy bubble wrap sealed off with sellotape, inside a plastic bag.

I chose this variety of shades as the individual polishes were sold at 4,45€ and the set of 4 at 10,74€. As I am in need of no particular colour I chose pink and purple hues as I'm low on those shades and the turquoise set because I can never have enough of those.

As you get one set for free I ended up paying only 21,48€ (next day shipping included) on all 12 nail polishes, that's 1,79€ per polish and yes, they are full size (14ml).

For the China Glaze connoisseurs out there, the shades are:

Pinks: 1065 Angel's breath (creamy light pink), 862 Something sweet (baby pink), 1039 Dance Baby (Bubblegum pink) and 195 Make an entrance (fuchsia).

Purples: 1040 Sweet Hook (a light lavender), 233 Spontaneous (lavender), 860 Grape pop (purple) and 987 Crimson (very dark eggplant).

Turquoises: 023 White on white (self explanatory), 625 For Audrey (creamy turquoise), 1032 Aquadelic (not much difference between this and the previous one, maybe just half a tone up) and 1007 Turned up turquoise (dark turquoise with a shimmery texture).

I'm the worst at describing colours but I've tried my best for y'all...

I almost forgot to mention that the set comes with 10 small sponges to easily recreate the ombre look on your nails. I've only done this once or twice but it's nice to have the option.

And finally I forgot to mention this in yesterday's post but they always include a few freebies in the form of sachet testers and a small bag of assorted gummi candy - which I can't show you because it quickly ended up in my tummy :)

For the love of pretty nails,

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