5 August 2014

#2014BloggerChallenge: Guess the film.

Dear readers,

Sorry I'm a bit on the late side this time, I wanted this to go up yesterday but between my shitty internet connection and my worse handwriting I didn't get my nail art done until a few minutes ago.

Can you guess which movie I'd like to see? I loved the book so much I've started reading it again this morning and I can't wait to post this entry and go back to my book.

It took some time to arrive to Spain but I think it was released about a month ago. It's been ages since I've last been to the cinema and I don't intend to change that. I find it's gotten very expensive so I'm just patiently waiting for it to be available on video streaming. 

If you haven't guessed the movie by now just click here to head over to Gaby's post where she mentions this film as well. Below her post you'll find links to the other same topic related posts, enjoy your reading!

Okay to y'all,