2 August 2014

July empties

Dear readers,

We are away for the weekend, celebrating my birthday so I'll keep it very short.

I've been going through a bunch of samples, testers, mini sizes and such as I'd hoarded too many of them. I featured them all in a previous post.

My favorite find has been the SkinClinic range. It's only sold at specialized beauty clinics but I have a friend who gifted me a huge load full of these samples and I'm very grateful to her because they are amazing. I also liked the Clarins HydraQuench cream gel. I went through several other samples but I'd be here all weekend if I went over them one by one.

As for in shower and after shower products I absolutely loved the Rose Jam shower gel by Lush and the Satsuma body pure by The Body Shop. The Cotton Flower shower gel is by Yves Rocher and it's just a regular one with a sweet scent that didn't appeal to me that much.

I went through another Batiste dry shampoo, this time the cherry flavoured and it has become my favourite. The Macadamia healing oil treatment smells amazing, doesn't weigh down your hair and nourishes the ends of your hair without leaving a greasy feeling, I've already repurchased it. And a random hair dye in brunette, I don't stick to any particular brand, I just get the one that's on offer.

Vasenol hand lotion, as it's very lightweight I kept it at the office as I don't like to have sticky hands when I'm typing away all day long. At home I prefer a more thicker formula.

A random antibacterial hand soap which I actually use to give my make up brushes a deep cleanse once a week, usually on Sundays.

The Maybelline The Colossal Volum'Express waterproof mascara: I didn't like the formula very much. I thought it was too dry and clumpy for my taste, I prefer my lashes to be separated.

A bunch of random nail polishes I've gotten rid of because I don't like the formula: a few from Sephora, some Colorama by Maybelline (I actually had 3 more but I gave them away to a friend) and two cheaper polishes that were really awful.

And finally the Alqvimia Ylang-Ylang cleansing emulsion. Alqvimia is a Spanish brand that only uses natural ingredients and that translates into €€€, at least in my opinion. I was lucky to get this at more than half price at a beauty fair but even so, to spend more than 20€ on a 100ml make up remover is way to much for my taste.

Now I'm going to have a shower and dress up to have an amazing early birthday dinner with the hubby.

Greetings to y'all from the most beautiful city in Spain: Granada.


  1. Love empties posts as you get a better idea of products! I have the non waterproof Maybelline collosal mascara and I really like it, but I agree, it can clumpy quite easily!

    Alicia (LissyBeauty)

    1. I very much enjoy empties posts as well. And you're right about the mascara, funny enough I started liking it more towards the end. But I personally like the The Falsies one better. I'm using the Lights, Camera, Lashes by Tarte at the moment and I'm liking it very much, the only downside is its price. Thanks for stopping by and for the follow on Pinterest. I'll be following you back, of course.


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