25 August 2014

Midi ring trend

Dear readers,

I've been lusting over a real gold midi ring for some time now, I even posted an entry about this featuring a few designs I liked.

Last January I purchased the Free Spirit midi ring set by Forever 21 for 2.73€. A real bargain yes, until the gold starts wearing off...

Last month I went to the nearest jewelry store to get me a gold midi ring for my birthday, but it wasn't meant to be. They didn't have nice designs in small sizes so I went home empty handed.

One day I woke up with a bright idea, I went to my jewelry box and took out some old gold rings I didn't wear any more. Some of them were not fit for what I had in mind but two of them seemed nice enough to give it a try.

I took them to the jeweler's and had them trimmed, one could be cut to a size 5 and the second was only safe to cut a size down to a size 12 as there was chance the stone could fall off as a result of bending the band too much.

So it turned out fine and the emerald green stone survived the resizing and I can wear it on my middle finger. The smaller one with the tiny pearl fits on my ring finger although it feels a bit too snug, but I think it'll get more comfortable to wear in the winter when my fingers are not so bloated by this heat that doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon :(

So this is how it looks on my fingers, pretty nice for only 10 turkeys* huh?

*Don't ask me why but in Spain instead of $bucks we call it €turkeys... is it weird this makes me hungry?

What do you think about midi rings, yay or nay?

For the love of cute accessories,