29 August 2014

Summer heroes: Face masks

Dear readers,

Summer is coming rapidly to an end but I just wanted to share my current favourite face masks with you as a part of my summer heroes series.

I try to remember using them once a week but I sometimes forget. This combination of face masks has really been working out for me. I have noticed quite an improvement after each use.

First I take my make up off and cleanse my face with a water based cleanser. Sometimes I use my Dermanew microdermabrasion system to really give my face a deep clean although I'm not very fond of using this too often. After my face is fresh and clean I apply my first mask:

I love this fresh face mask by LUSH, it's the BB seaweed one and it has helped me to fight off any excess oils. I have oily skin all year round but my shyniness increases during the summer and I really hate looking like a disco ball just a few hours after I have put on my make up. I like that you need to keep this in the fridge so it will give you a nice cooling effect when you apply it. I leave it for 10-15 minutes and then I take it off with a wet cloth.

This mask retails for 9,25€ and comes in a 75ml pot.

Next I like to use a moisturizing mask, this one contains Hyaluronic acid and some tiny 24 kt gold specks. I like leaving it for a longer time, I sometimes even leave it overnight and take it off by rinsing my face with cold water.

I got this Natur NĂșa mask at a beauty fair. I wasn't familiar with this brand but it called out to me because of the gold content. I can't remember it's exact price but I don't recall it being overly expensive, at least not more than 12€ for a 250ml bottle. I just need 3 pumps each time I use it so it will last me forever.

After only one use I could clearly see a difference in my skin's texture. I'd love to try out more of their products but I visited their web site and they don't have an online store :)

For those of you who like using DIY masks I leave you with my favourite recipe:

- split an egg and separate the yolk from the white
- beat the egg white with a fork until some bubbles are formed
- spoon up some of these bubbles and apply it evenly on your face
- let this completely dry until you feel your skin goes completely tight
- take it off using a damp cloth or just rinse it off with water
- gently pat your face dry, I like using paper tissues instead of a towel
- take a bit of the egg yolk and spread this evenly on your face
- let this completely dry like with the egg white
- rinse it off
- pat your face dry
- apply your favourite serum
- take an ice cube made out of green tea and vitamin E and run it over your face
- let your skin air dry and apply moisturizer as you normally would

This routine I came up with by combining two YouTube tutorials by Michelle Phan:

For the love of smooth and bright skin,


  1. I love a good face mask, that Lush one sounds great!

    1. I'm in love will all Lush products. Thanks for stopping by :)


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