11 August 2014

Summer heroes: Primers

Dear readers,

Continuing with my summer heroes series I've decided to talk about a real must-have, if you have a very annoying oily skin, like me. Especially around the eye-area, I still haven't found an eyeliner that holds on my waterline for more than ten minutes, yes you heard me right: ten as in one-zero.

After trying many, many, many eye primers I decided to give the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion a try as I heard and read so many good things about it. If I had known how good it worked I would have gotten it sooner but I already had invested in the MAC prep + prime eye and it turned out to be a let down so I was a bit wary to try out another high end primer. I decided to compromise: I liked the Urban Decay Smoked palette and it came with a tiny sample size tube of the PP, so I purchased it and tried out the sample. Miracle worker, that's what it is. After a few months the Anti-Aging formula came out and I didn't think twice and got it immediately. Now I use it every day even when I'm not wearing any eye shadow at all. You need all the help you can get if you have oily and hooded eyelids added to the fact that you have past the 40's barrier some time ago... I paid 14.81 pounds at Lookfantastic.com

Even though some MAC products don't work for me (eyeshadows and the prep + prime for eyes), I still wanted to try their paint pots and I'm glad I purchased one in Soft Ochre a few months ago. It doesn't work as good as the UDPP but good enough and I like that it covers any discoloration and veins so it creates a perfect canvas to layer eyeshadows on top. When I need my eye make up to last an extra long time I use it on top of the UDPP which gives me like 12 hours of crease-free bliss. It retails for about 19€.

As I also won the lottery on the biggest pores in the history I sometimes use a face primer. I like this one by Bioderma, it's lightweight and more of a lotion texture than a silicone one. I don't use a primer on a daily basis (who has the time to layer all this stuff) but I like to make an extra effort if I'm going out for lunch after work. This mini size tube came in a monthly Glossybox some time ago so I was lucky to get it among a few other items for only 10€.

Can you recommend a real waterproof eyeliner? I've already tried with the UD 24/7, the Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes, the Rimmel Scandaleyes and the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place but none of them seem to work on my watery waterline, not even tightlining works. I've also tried wiping the area dry with a cotton bud and packing on eye shadow on top but even that doesn't work for more than maybe half an hour.

Thanks a lot :)

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