21 August 2014

Summer heroes: Quick & go

Dear readers,

Next on my summer heroes agenda is my quick & go make up routine.

After I was showing up from 3 to 7 minutes late at work for over a week I knew I had to change something in my make up routine so I could be ready in a whiff and get to work on time.

First step: I skip foundation. I do have some big ugly sun spots around my forehead, on the sides of my cheeks, on my chin and as a not so cute mustache on my upper lip :(

But, hell who cares? If I've been brave enough not to wear any make up until I turned 38 so why worry now?

Although, when I have an extra minute I do cover up my dark spots with some random concealer.

So, after applying my serum, eye cream and moisturizer I put on some SPF and go straight to my Age Rewind concealer by Maybelline in light. I'm so happy to have purchased this recently, it doesn't crease or set in my fine lines, it blends perfectly and it's affordable, so what more can you ask for?

I cover my under eye circles, which btw I don't think exist but anyway I look more awake with a tad of highlight under my eyes...

And then I use my MAC Studio Fix powder in NW30 for the center of my face and NW35 as a contour and to warm up my face a bit so it matches my body. I do this carefully so my concealer doesn't rub off using a fluffy kabuki brush. As I have very oily skin this works for me perfectly and it gives me a nice enough coverage. What I love the most about the Studio Fix is that it makes my pores appear much smaller.


After my eye primer I sometimes use a cream eye shadow as it's the quickest way to wear a bit of eye colour without worrying about applying it perfectly. I just lightly dab my ring finger in the pot and extend it on my eyelids. It's very long wearing so I don't have to worry about it creasing. 

This step I never skip as my eyebrows are very sparse and need filling in even when I'm not wearing any make up. I'm currently using the eyebrow powder from the Brow Zings kit by Benefit as it's a tad too light for me in the winter but found out it looks nice enough for use during the summer.

This is my favourite mascara at the moment, the Tarte lights, camera, lashes! It's not too dry and not too wet, it separates my lashes and doesn't smudge. The only downside: it isn't sold in Spain. Hopefully I'll find someone to get it for me before I run out. This is a sample size version but it has lasted me for quite a long time and it hasn't gone dry yet.

For lips I just wrote a post the other day on my summer lip products.

Enjoy the summer while it lasts,


  1. I love the Maybelline concealer. Really covers my dark circles up well.


    1. It's so easy to apply and blend, my bo-ing concealer by Benefit sets into my fine lines no matter how well I blend it out. Thanks for stopping by hun :) haven't talked to you in a while.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, you do, and the price is no excuse. I still had like 4 concealers to use up but I got it anyway and I will definitely be repurchasing it.


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