8 August 2014

The Sunshine Award

Dear readers,

I feel very fortunate having made some blogger friends over this past year and more so when they care to mention you in their blog posts or even be so kind as to nominate you for a blogger award.

For this award I have to thank a beautiful Italian lady: Barbs LeCupcake of 300 days of England.

As per usual the rules are pretty simple:

  1. Publish your entry posting the Sunshine award picture
  2. Tell 11 random facts about yourself
  3. Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who has nominated you
  4. Nominate 11 awesome bloggers
  5. Ask them 11 questions
  6. Let them know they are nominated

My random facts:

  1. I'm only 5'3'' but I wear size EU39/US8/UK5'5 shoes :(
  2. My eye colour changes from green to grey depending on my mood
  3. I've never broken a bone in my body, although I used to fall a lot when growing up
  4. I love driving motorbikes but I hate wearing a helmet = helmet hair blah!
  5. I wear glasses only because I'm afraid to touch my eyelids, so no contacts for me
  6. My handwriting changes depending on how fast I'm writing or how tired I'm feeling
  7. I'm an only child and I used to hate that but now I feel pretty lucky
  8. My favourite city in Europe is London, although Rome is a close second
  9. I love glitter, shimmer and anything that sparkles
  10. I hate picking at my lips but I can't help it
  11. I'm an extremely lazy person: don't have kids, that's how lazy I am...
And now to the answers to Babs' questions:

1. Do you have any recurrent dream?
Not anymore, I used to dream that I was falling from the 9th floor when I was little

2. Something that reminds you of your childhood?
The moldy smell in the basement of my granny's apartment building

3. Favourite pizza topping?

4. Lipstick or nail polish?
Nail polish

5. Most hated food?
Beef tongue, yikes!

6. Do you still listen to the bands/singers you liked when you were younger?

7. A piece of art that describes you
Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss"

8. What's the next place you will visit on holiday?
London, probably in early December

9. Celebrity crush?
Keanu Reeves

10. Do you miss anyone right now?
My granny

11. Tell us a joke ;)
I will spare you from bad jokes, sorry but I'm the worst at telling jokes and I can't even recall any

My nominees are:

Congrats! The questions for you to answer are:

  1. Recommend a good book
  2. Favourite vacation destination?
  3. Do you speak a foreign language?
  4. Winter or summer?
  5. Do you have any pets?
  6. Favourite pastime?
  7. Cinema or dvd at home?
  8. Popcorn, sweet or salted? P.S. I like mixing them
  9. DIY or buy?
  10. Would you spend 400 pounds/dollars/euros in a pair of shoes instead of buying a new oven when yours has broken down?
  11. Glitter, yay or nay?

For the love of blogging and blogger friends,


  1. Thanks very much!!

    I have the same issue as the oven question, but mine's a washing machine.... lol.

    Look forward to answering these.

    1. At first I was thinking about mentioning a washing machine but I couldn't survive without that so I changed it to the oven which I don't use that much anyways...


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