30 September 2014

September empties

Dear readers,

Autumn has finally arrived and the last month of summer has flown by leaving me with a few empty products.

I've run out of two bottles of my favourite sunscreen lotion: the Garnier Delial Golden Protect. It gives the skin a beautiful glow as it contains some tiny golden particles that glisten in the sun. It is also nicely scented and it doesn't leave any sticky feeling after applying it.

Some lip glosses I haven't liked: the L'Oreal Glam shine formula is too shiny for my taste nowadays although I liked wearing it in the past and I find the Mary Kay nourishing plus lip glosses too sticky.

Top coats: Seche Vite and Mavala. I didn't like the Seche Vite as much as I thought I would. I find it difficult to work with, too gloopy and that it somehow sucks in the outlines from the nail polish below if that makes sense. The Mavala one doesn't dry as quickly but is easier to work with.

A few random nail polishes that are no longer salvageable: 17 Lasting Fix in Tropical Island a bright coral shade with tiny golden specks, very easy to apply and perfect for summer. The Borjouis So Lacque glossy in Amande defile is so sheer that even after 3 coats it doesn't get opaque enough. The L'Oreal Resist & Shine in 606 I think, it's a beutiful purple plum shade that has been a favourite of mine, especially on my toes, for the last two summers.

Felt eyeliner by Eylure, this has dried out on me as I barely ever wear any kind of black liner.

More samples, among them this Vitamin C serum I liked using although it smelled pretty bad: like oxidized metal.

The Mary Kay timewise repair volu-firm foaming cleanser: this lasted me for ages and I'm not kidding, I think I've had it for over a year, maybe two. It's very creamy and foams up with just the tiniest amount, I liked its scent but I wouldn't say that I noticed any increase in firmness after using this.

The Caudalie Premier Cru cream. I'm going to write an individual review on this product alone as I have loved many things about it. If you're curious, come back this Friday and read all about it.

And that's it for this month, I'm starting the countdown for Christmas, are you as excited for the holidays as I am?

For the love of sharing,

27 September 2014

Mini haul: The Body Shop

Dear readers,

I had a few TBS coupons saved up and I used them to purchase the following items.

The Satsuma candle for 7€:

I have mentioned my love for the Satsuma range in countless occasions, it's the most relaxing and delicious scent in the world. I've been quite obsessed with candles over this last year, I have my youtubers to blame for as I was living quite happily without having any candles. I haven't burned this one yet but it's very promising, hopefully it will smell as good as any other product from this range.

The Satsuma Body, Room & Linen spritz for 7€:

This is my second bottle, I love to use this before going to bed. I spray it on my pillow and bed sheets, it really helps me relax and I wake up feeling better rested.

As I'm getting more into lip products lately I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out the Colour Crush lipstick in 120 Raspberry in love for 9.10€ as it seems like the perfect shade for autumn.

They also threw in a sample of their Vitamin E moisturizer which I haven't tried before.

Total: 23.10€ minus my coupons, I ended up paying only 15.10€ Yay !

And that's all for this week, hopefully I'll return to be my chatty self next week.

For the love of online shopping and coupons,

24 September 2014


Dear readers,

I recently (two months ago) traded in my oldest car and I decided to share my car history with y'all.

image taken from www.disney.es

I'm afraid it's too late to include a picture of my first two cars but here's the little story behind them:

My first car I got from my mum at age 26 when she inherited her father's Peugeot 407 after he passed away. It was an old white Citröen AX. 

I had never needed a car before but it came in very handy, especially on rainy days. Before that I had to get to work on my scooter. It was fine for over two years, after that it needed a big repair and I didn't see the point in it as it was a very old car anyway.

The following car I bought second hand from the money I had saved from having two jobs at the same time. A friend of mine who sells used cars had a white Ford Escort at a reasonable price with very little mileage and he gave me something in exchange for the old Citröen.

Unfortunately this car, although still in perfect condition, had no air conditioning. I enjoyed the car for about 3 years but when I married we wanted to visit the Andalucía region on our honeymoon in August and wanted to do it by car so we decided to trade in the Ford Escort for a new car with a more powerful engine and the very needed air conditioning, although I ended up buying a sweater as the weather turned out to be unseasonably cold and I had only packed summer dresses.

We chose a Ford Fusion in white but after waiting for almost a month and not getting it in time for our holiday we had to settle for the colour they had at the dealer's.

Now, 11 years later and having had some problems with the brakes (my mum was driving this car after she crashed hers and I got worried about her safety), we have traded it in for a new car.

This time we were lucky to get a hugely discounted Renault Clio Sport Tourer and they even gave us a tablet device as a present. We are so happy with this car that we've already made 6.000 Km.

In between we also had a very girly cherry pink Suzuki Alto which we purchased when the hubby got a new job that was too far away for him to go with the scooter. I didn't pick out the color, the hubby did. My mom is currently driving it.

This post may be a bit random but I like mixing it up once in a while and give you something different outside the obvious hauls, empties and favourite beauty products.

For the love of driving,

19 September 2014

LUSH Ponche shower gel

Dear readers,

Since my first time entering a Lush store I can say that I love, love, love all their products.

In the sales earlier this year I went on their website and ordered a huge box filled with Christmas limited edition goodies called the WOW! box.

I'm more or less half-way through them now but I've come across a very disappointing product:

I apologize to all of those who actually like this shower gel but I really, really find the scent just too awful for words. It's like you're showering with a bottle of cognac or some other yucky smelling booze.

Anyway I'll still continue using my other Lush products and if I ever repurchase the WOW! box I'll make sure to give this shower gel to my worst enemy, lol.

For the love of comforting scents,

16 September 2014

#2014BloggerChallenge: My own version of Mac & Cheese

Dear readers,

As we were given quite an open ended topic for this 2014 Blogger Challenge post I decided to give you this pasta recipe/tutorial that's very easy but also very tasty. You can make a load full because it still tastes delicious when you warm it up the following day.

First you'll need some eggs, one or two will do depending on how much pasta you're preparing. I usually take two.

Some milk, from 1 to 2 litres. I start off with 1.5 litres and add more if I see it doesn't cover the entire pasta mix.

Grated parmesan cheese, this is were the tasty flavor comes from so I use two 100gr bags.

Of course, some pasta. I always use maccaroni but you can choose any other kind. You start boiling the pasta as usual for as long as the package says, I think 6-7 minutes for maccaroni. 

In the meantime you fry 400gr of bacon in a pan until they are crisp and golden brown, you don't need to add any oil or butter. You can use less or more, that depends on your personal preference, I started using 250gr but I love me some bacon so I kept adding more and more over the years.

While the bacon is in the pan you take your baking dish, mine is 35cm by 25cm and 5cm deep and put a layer of butter and some sprinkles of stock cube. You can use a smaller one if you're just making a few servings and adjust the amount of pasta, cheese, milk and bacon using only one egg. It's pretty easy just to eyeball it as you can never go wrong with this.

In a bowl you mix the egg/s with the milk and add some salt and pepper.

Start layering the pasta, the grated parmesan and the bacon, it usually takes 3 layers until I completely fill the baking dish.

Pour the milk until the pasta is almost completely covered, just add more plain milk if needed. Last step is adding a bit more grated cheese on top.

Finally you put it in the oven at 180ºC for about 20 minutes. You can leave it in for a bit longer if you feel the mixture is still too runny. And if you like a very crispy top layer you can switch your oven to the grating setting for a few minutes. You'll also need to leave it to cool off for about 5-10 minutes so that the egg mixture will completely harden.

I like pairing this with a fresh green salad and I love to sprinkle some tabasco on top, yummy !

For the love of comfort food,

12 September 2014

Autumn yearning

Dear readers,

I've been looking for a black leather biker jacket for some years and I finally found one more or less to my liking. Sometimes I'm very picky about the things I wish for and I want them to be exactly the way I have them pictured in my head.

I went to Zara to get it as a (129€) present to myself for my birthday but they didn't have it in any of the stores near my hometown so I finally couldn't wait for it to get to the store and I ended up ordering it online.

It's been almost a month since this has been hanging in my wardrobe and I can't wait to wear it but the weather here has been unseasonably and annoyingly warm (33-36ºC or 91-97ºF).

Are you also excited for the fall to come soon and start wearing a specific clothing item?

For the love of seasons coming and going,

9 September 2014

Collective haul: Sephora part 2, Boots and The Body Shop

Dear readers,

As I told you in my previous Sephora haul post they were having a huge sale in this particular store and I just had to go back and purchase some more discounted goodies.

I got two packs of the sheet face masks as I tried one the night before and I liked it very much. The sheet itself is not made of cellulose, it's more like a silicone/rubbery texture. It's split in two layers, the upper half covers the nose, eye and forehead and the lower half, the mouth and chin area.

As I liked the mask I thought of getting some other product from the same brand and I decided on the Vivid Radiance Serum that promises to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and to firm and tone the oval shape of the face.

I got another Fekkai product: Brilliant Glossing with encapsulated shine-release complex cream with olive oil. It should add more shine to the hair and tame down the frizziness, you can either use it on dry or wet hair.

Advance Night Repair Concentrate Recovery Boosting Treatment by Estée Lauder. This serum usually retails for 100€. I've tried the regular one but this one's 5 times more concentrated so you only need to use it once every few months.

Sephora Gold Glitter spray. I thought this would be very fun to use in Christmas. It comes with a star shaped stencil so you can easily paint stars on any part of your body or even in your hair.

And I got me some samples with my purchase: Yay !

My good friend Carol was in Edinburgh following an English course in July and she asked me if I wanted anything from Boots, she knows me so well. Boots is one of my favourite places in the whole world. 

I'd wanted to try some Revlon lip products for a while so I asked her to get me two lip butters: 085 Sugar Plum and 015 Tutti Frutti and two moisture stains: 030 Milan Moment and 025 Cannes Crush. I was a very lucky girl as they were having a 2 for 10£ offer.

The Hand Food by Soap & Glory smells heavenly and although it's a thicker formula than the products I'm used to it absorbs very quickly without leaving any sticky residue.

My The Body Shop parcel was also waiting for me to come back from our mini break.

I got some of their body mists in: Satsuma (this one's a backup), Japanese Cherry Blossom, Pink grapefruit, Madagascan Vanilla Flower and Indian Night Jasmine. These are not all for me, I thought they would make very nice Christmas or birthday presents. I like stocking up on products so I always have a few presents ready for when a birthday comes up, it's much cheaper this way as I got them at  a discount.

I also got me a backup Satsuma body butter and the one product from the Satsuma range I haven't tried yet: the Beautifying oil.

I got all this for 58€.

For the love of finding good deals,

7 September 2014

#2014BloggerChallenge: Beginnings

Dear readers,

You'll have to excuse the lateness of this post, it's the first time I've missed my blogger challenge deadline but I was so caught up in my braincation that I just went along with it and thought to myself: "I'm blogging for fun, just chill and post whenever you feel like it".

For me the end of summer means the beginning of dieting.

I'm quite petite (1.60m or 5'3") and I've always had a perfect weight of around 51-53Kg. Over the years I've been gaining on some weight but nothing too alarming. After I got married my body shape shifted and I'd to get a whole new wardrobe that would fit me, but still I was happy with my weight.

As I turned 40 my tummy has been growing and my upper arms and upper legs have started to expand so I'm worried this will go on and on if I don't start doing something about it. I'm not overly worried about my weight as 60Kg isn't that alarming but when I'm wearing dresses I don't feel like my body shape is so flattering anymore.

I try doing more exercise and eating healthier but it's difficult to maintain these habits when you're on holidays or like me, you live in a coastal town where lots of friends come visit over the summer. I usually go out to dinner more often or simply have a few drinks with tapas and all of this keeps adding up and when the summer is finally over you find out you've gained like 3 or 4 kilos :(

Writing a blog however has helped me keep my promises and visualizing my goals, be more strict with what I want to achieve and following the rules I put to myself, so as of today I'm beginning to cut down my intake of unhealthy food and, most difficult of all, alcohol. Bye bye to my refreshing beers, shandies, wines and mojitos.

I'll start again with my daily one hour walks along the seaside and try to eat smaller portions and more veggies.

Maybe I should purchase a scale so I could monitor my progress. I've never wanted one because: what you don't know won't hurt you, don't you think?

Bye bye summer, hello diet!

4 September 2014

Sephora mini haul

Dear readers,

I came across a Sephora store when we went to a shopping centre near the hotel were we're spending a few days. I don't usually shop at Sephora as we don't have one near our home town and I always find better deals online. But I'm on vacation so I just went in to have a look around without thinking I would actually purchase anything. Boy, was I wrong...

They had a 50%-70% off on a lot of products so I filled my basket with a few things, although I really wanted to take everything home with me.

Frédérik Fekkai lifting and texturizing spray gel. I've heard a lot of talk about this brand but I've never tried anything from their range as they are quite expensive. This one was reduced from 21€ to only 7€.

Perfect manicure nail protector by Sephora. Even though I've gotten much better at painting my nails I tend to wear them quite short and sometimes I'll paint part of my fingertips in the process so this will come in very handy. This is the only item I paid full price on: 4.95€.

This Make Up For Ever kohl pencil liner was only 7€ when they usually sell for 16€ and it's a gorgeous deep purple shade. It will be a nice alternative to wearing the usual black liner especially with my green eyes.

Another MUFE product, the Aqua Shadow in 28E, it's a light gold shade that will definitely not budge throughout the day. I tested it on the back of my hand and it didn't go off after washing my hands several times and rubbing it with some wet towelettes. This was down to 10€ from an original price of 23€.

And last I saw this pack of 3 moisturizing essence masks that claims to restore the skin's optimal hydration and suppleness for 30 hours. I was already on the lookout for some cellulose masks for some time now as I like to alternate them with cream masks every now and then and I'd only one left. As you can see I got them for 12€ and they were 50% off.

We're staying a few more days so I can always go back to Sephora and get me some more deals like these, what would you do?

For the love of deal hunting,

2 September 2014

August empties

Dear readers,

I've packed my bags and the hubby and I are away for the week, just a small getaway from daily routine so I'll keep this short.

Satsuma body puree and body butter by The Body Shop. I love the scent but I prefer using the body puree in the summer as the butter is a tad too thick for my taste. In this heat it's not the most comfortable body moisturizer.

Just a random and cheap nail polish remover by Druni, the Mavala nail hardener (haven't noticed any difference) and Nails inc polish in Haymaket (I personally don't like the formula, it's too thick and streaky, this shade is great, though).

My favourite Sunscreen: Anessa perfect essence sunscreen SPF 50++++ it has a milky texture and absorbs very quickly so I use it everyday under my foundation.

Estée Lauder Idealist even skin tone illuminator serum, I love all their serums and this one gives your skin a very faint glow.

A random sample that I've used among many others. This was an antioxidant night concentrate that I've loved using but too expensive to be purchasing the full size tube, I think it retails for 120€ for 30ml.

The Macadamia rejuvenating shampoo (a small 100ml bottle), this brand has been an amazing discovery and I already have a back up bottle that I got for free among other Macadamia products with a purchase at Look Fantastic.

The Garnier Bodytonic anti-cellulite gel, I always look for a good offer as I've tried more expensive anti-cellulite products but I can't see any visible difference from using the cheaper ones. I think this one was part of a duo and the second pack was 50% off.

And finally my trusted Nivea deodorant. I'm not very picky with their different scents so I like interchanging them. This one was also 50% off on the second roll-on.

So that's it for this month, I hope you all had a fabulous summer.