7 September 2014

#2014BloggerChallenge: Beginnings

Dear readers,

You'll have to excuse the lateness of this post, it's the first time I've missed my blogger challenge deadline but I was so caught up in my braincation that I just went along with it and thought to myself: "I'm blogging for fun, just chill and post whenever you feel like it".

For me the end of summer means the beginning of dieting.

I'm quite petite (1.60m or 5'3") and I've always had a perfect weight of around 51-53Kg. Over the years I've been gaining on some weight but nothing too alarming. After I got married my body shape shifted and I'd to get a whole new wardrobe that would fit me, but still I was happy with my weight.

As I turned 40 my tummy has been growing and my upper arms and upper legs have started to expand so I'm worried this will go on and on if I don't start doing something about it. I'm not overly worried about my weight as 60Kg isn't that alarming but when I'm wearing dresses I don't feel like my body shape is so flattering anymore.

I try doing more exercise and eating healthier but it's difficult to maintain these habits when you're on holidays or like me, you live in a coastal town where lots of friends come visit over the summer. I usually go out to dinner more often or simply have a few drinks with tapas and all of this keeps adding up and when the summer is finally over you find out you've gained like 3 or 4 kilos :(

Writing a blog however has helped me keep my promises and visualizing my goals, be more strict with what I want to achieve and following the rules I put to myself, so as of today I'm beginning to cut down my intake of unhealthy food and, most difficult of all, alcohol. Bye bye to my refreshing beers, shandies, wines and mojitos.

I'll start again with my daily one hour walks along the seaside and try to eat smaller portions and more veggies.

Maybe I should purchase a scale so I could monitor my progress. I've never wanted one because: what you don't know won't hurt you, don't you think?

Bye bye summer, hello diet!

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