24 September 2014


Dear readers,

I recently (two months ago) traded in my oldest car and I decided to share my car history with y'all.

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I'm afraid it's too late to include a picture of my first two cars but here's the little story behind them:

My first car I got from my mum at age 26 when she inherited her father's Peugeot 407 after he passed away. It was an old white Citröen AX. 

I had never needed a car before but it came in very handy, especially on rainy days. Before that I had to get to work on my scooter. It was fine for over two years, after that it needed a big repair and I didn't see the point in it as it was a very old car anyway.

The following car I bought second hand from the money I had saved from having two jobs at the same time. A friend of mine who sells used cars had a white Ford Escort at a reasonable price with very little mileage and he gave me something in exchange for the old Citröen.

Unfortunately this car, although still in perfect condition, had no air conditioning. I enjoyed the car for about 3 years but when I married we wanted to visit the Andalucía region on our honeymoon in August and wanted to do it by car so we decided to trade in the Ford Escort for a new car with a more powerful engine and the very needed air conditioning, although I ended up buying a sweater as the weather turned out to be unseasonably cold and I had only packed summer dresses.

We chose a Ford Fusion in white but after waiting for almost a month and not getting it in time for our holiday we had to settle for the colour they had at the dealer's.

Now, 11 years later and having had some problems with the brakes (my mum was driving this car after she crashed hers and I got worried about her safety), we have traded it in for a new car.

This time we were lucky to get a hugely discounted Renault Clio Sport Tourer and they even gave us a tablet device as a present. We are so happy with this car that we've already made 6.000 Km.

In between we also had a very girly cherry pink Suzuki Alto which we purchased when the hubby got a new job that was too far away for him to go with the scooter. I didn't pick out the color, the hubby did. My mom is currently driving it.

This post may be a bit random but I like mixing it up once in a while and give you something different outside the obvious hauls, empties and favourite beauty products.

For the love of driving,

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