27 September 2014

Mini haul: The Body Shop

Dear readers,

I had a few TBS coupons saved up and I used them to purchase the following items.

The Satsuma candle for 7€:

I have mentioned my love for the Satsuma range in countless occasions, it's the most relaxing and delicious scent in the world. I've been quite obsessed with candles over this last year, I have my youtubers to blame for as I was living quite happily without having any candles. I haven't burned this one yet but it's very promising, hopefully it will smell as good as any other product from this range.

The Satsuma Body, Room & Linen spritz for 7€:

This is my second bottle, I love to use this before going to bed. I spray it on my pillow and bed sheets, it really helps me relax and I wake up feeling better rested.

As I'm getting more into lip products lately I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out the Colour Crush lipstick in 120 Raspberry in love for 9.10€ as it seems like the perfect shade for autumn.

They also threw in a sample of their Vitamin E moisturizer which I haven't tried before.

Total: 23.10€ minus my coupons, I ended up paying only 15.10€ Yay !

And that's all for this week, hopefully I'll return to be my chatty self next week.

For the love of online shopping and coupons,


  1. That looks like a really nice mini haul! I'm personally not into the smell of mandarins, but The Body Shop are amazing quality so I can appreciate the products nonetheless! And woo hoo, freebies -- it's so nice to get a little something back. :)

    Sarah xo
    Diary of a Beauty Padawan

    1. I'm also very picky with my scents so I totally get it when someone doesn't like one in particular. For me it's lavender and very sweet scents. Thanks for stopping by :)


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